Let’s End the Deception Shall We?

Anonymous One speaks out:

It’s a Matter of Life… “

Decapitations are evil, except when it’s an unborn child. Chemical attacks are reprehensible, except when it’s a pre-born baby, dismemberment is crime against humanity, unless its done in the womb- says every pro choice  person. It’s easy to be pro choice when you are not the one being murdered.

Political correctness 5

(LFC Comment: Why not end the deception? Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life is a politically correct deception.  You are either for abortion or against abortion – let us not deceive one another.  Better yet, do not deceive yourself.  Destroy the family, babies and morality and a society will collapse.)

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  1. So true! We fight back in this spiritual battle by becoming closer to Jesus and growing in virtue and obedience. We must become His disciples and follow the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead as Jesus instructed His disciples. That is how the Catholic Church spread quickly through the Roman Empire so that by the time Christianity was no longer outlawed, almost have of the empire were Catholic!

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