Friends of Laketran PAC…finance reports for your review

Did you know that Laketran has a political action committee (PAC) known as ‘Friends of Laketran’?  We received the following campaign finance reports from the ever helpful Lake County Elections Board:

2019 SemiAnn LAKETRAN
2018 SemiAnn LAKETRAN
2017 SemiAnn LAKETRAN
2016 SemiAnn LAKETRAN

war chest image

Note that their cash balance on hand as of their 2019 semi-annual report is $159,258.08.   It is a very impressive ‘war chest’, and represents their ability to get their message across to the voters.  You may be interested in who is donating what to their PAC.  If you click on the reports, and scroll through the pages of the reports, you will find the answers.

We are very curious about the name Moreland Consulting.  Here is a letter given to us by Mr. Ben Capelle, CEO of Laketran, from Moreland to Mr. Malchesky, legal counsel for Laketran,  requesting information on the Dial a Ride users.
Laketran Request for DAR contacts

In the 2019 semi-annual report, we noticed that there was a $4,000.00 payment made to Moreland for consulting services.  We will try to find out information on this group and report to our readers. [The “two-step” is not just a great ballroom dance.]

Mr. Ben Capelle gets high marks from LFC for his honesty, transparency, and straight-forward approach in answering our questions:

  • As you know,  Friends of Laketran is a political action committee and is wholly independent from Laketran. While some employees volunteer for Friends of Laketran, we do not permit Laketran resources to be used by the PAC so there are virtually no public records available to me to send to you.
  • The current treasurer of the Friends of Laketran is Susan Germovsek. Paul Malchesky resigned from that position when he chose to run for Painesville Municipal Judge.



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