Fentanyl…lethal in a very small dose

We read a recent article about a drug raid that seized 44 pounds of fentanyl in the State of Ohio, and discovered that amount of fentanyl can kill the ENTIRE population of the State of Ohio.  We wondered how much fentanyl can kill one person, and found this picture at the DEA.gov website.  The white powder, next to the penny shown to give perspective, represents 2 milligrams of fentanyl, and is a lethal dose in most people.  YIKES!!!

Faux_Fentynal_lethal_dose_005 (1)So what are we going to do with that information?  Do we, as citizens,  just sit back and hope that our elected officials and the bureaucrats take ALL necessary steps to protect us?  Sorry, but those days are OVER…

Here is a letter that we will be sending to the Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, the Lake County ADAMHS Board,  and our various elected officials.  We are asking all of them to be proactive in doing everything possible to publicly advocate and promote the building of a complete, and impenetrable barrier on the Southern border between Mexico and the United States.  It is past time for all elected officials and bureaucrats dealing with drug addiction to stop the political correctness that is killing our citizens, and support President Trump in building the wall along the entire border where appropriate.

If you agree that the politicians and bureaucrats are not doing enough to protect us, please contact them.

Letter to LGRC and ADAMHS



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