Euthanasia and slippery slopes

“It’s a Matter of Life…”

Written by The Anonymous One

The battle to protect sanctity of human life is being waged on two main fronts. We fight the culture of death for the protection preborn babies and, increasingly, we must defend life at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Those who favor euthanasia (assisted suicide) speak of the ‘right to die’. No one needs a right to die, it’s a fact of life. What they really want is the right to kill.

Indeed, some people believe that hastening a person’s death means that he will die “with dignity.” The lie is that we must die to retain our dignity. And it is a lie from the pits of hell because we all have inherent dignity given to us by God, and being injured, ill, or near death neither reduces nor degrades our dignity.  Furthermore, voluntary euthanasia is a slippery slope which often prefaces the next stage, involuntary euthanasia or killing.

Assisted suicide means administering lethal overdoses or otherwise causing to die those whose lives are judged useless or lacking in quality.

Life must be valued from conception to natural death. Life is worth defending whether in the womb or in the nursing home.

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