Remarkable Lake County Video…Wizard of Oz remake

You may be interested in this video that is the Lake County Visitor Bureau’s marketing effort extolling the virtues of Lake County.  It cost $20,000 to produce, but was never used.  The former Executive Director, Mr. Scott Dockus, never approved its distribution because of the use of a character that appeared to be a Muslim terrorist.

Commissioners Cirino and Hamerchek, and former Commissoner Troy are in the video.  The story line is reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz dream sequence, sans the tornado, and the graphics at the end of the video are quite REMARKABLE.

Since the video used the characters Batman and Robin, we thought we would solicit their help in critiquing the video.

robin image
Hey, Batman, did you see Sir Jerry in his acting debut?  He looked like he had a gas attack in that opening scene.  Wonder why he had to catch a plane?  Where do you think he was going?


Batman image Well, my little friend, there could be many reasons.  Perhaps:
– He was off to Hollywood to gain some needed acting lessons
– He was off to Columbus to measure his new Senate office for drapes
– He was off the see his new client for his My Board business

robin image Nah, I think he was just playing the “big wheel” as usual.  Dealing with the peasants is a nuisance, and mucking with the details is beneath him.  Remember when he kicked that citizen out of a public meeting?  Violated the open meeting act, he did. Such a disgrace.


Batman image I heard about that. But, how about the time he told the citizens in the Commissioners’ meeting that he does not have to tell them in advance who he is appointing to any open board position.  He believes that since he was voted into office he can do what he wants.

robin image Right on the mark as usual Batman. A real man of the people, eh.  I heard about the time he sternly told, some would say threatened, a female citizen that she better be careful about mentioning his My Board business.  He redefines the ‘Bully Pulpit”!


Batman image Well, the good news is that he is being promoted to higher office by the Democrats and Republicans next year. He will be State Senator Cirino next year with all the trappings of that office.  We are sure he likes the sound of that title.


robin image
What are you talking about Batman, the people get to vote who they want for office?


Batman image [With a huge grin on his face] Oh, my naive little crime fighter…You are killing me…That may be one of the biggest deceptions being played on the voters….It is the party officials that decide who gets in office.  They put up weak candidates against their favorite to make it appear the voters have a choice.  They trade these offices as if they were baseball cards. Anyone steps out of line and tries to buck the system by not waiting “their turn” or supporting their preferred candidates, will be dealt with accordingly.  You remember the Kim Laurie matter, right?

robin image

Holy Party Batman, surely you jest.



Batman image Jesting in not in my repertoire, big guy.  It is generally held that there is only one party.  It is all an illusion for the peasants, and for heaven’s sake stop thinking that the Republican Party is going to save the Republic.  It is rumored that we will eventually have three parties: Socialists and Communists, Liberals and Rinos, and those that believe in the U.S. Constitution.  The current two parties and going the way of the Whigs.


robin image

Holy smokes Batman, why the gloom and doom? You make it sound like we are in a cold civil war.



Batman image

Robin,  buckle up buddy. You better start prepping, 2020 is going to be interesting!


We bid farewell to our crime fighting friends, until the next time we need them; and thank them for helping us expose the shenanigans going on in Lake County.

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  1. Probably would be edited dpwm to 2 – 3 minutes would be our guess.

  2. It most likely DID cost $$$$ ….and it IS entertaining…but, I am feeling it was wasted money, as far as “marketing” goes….It seems long, drawn out albeit interesting to watch; but, I question its “usability”.

  3. Geeze Louise. What a waste of taxpayer money.

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