Lakeland Community College…heads up to their Board

(LFC Comments: Thanks to one of our Painesville lobbyists for this timely article found in The Conversation.  We hope Lakeland Community College can survive without depending on property taxes.  Seniors are tapped out and will not be supporting any further levies – especially continuous levies!  You tied your star to the medical community, and turned your back on the Lake County manufacturing community. We suggest you drop the notion of becoming a 4 year school; start preparing workers that can earn a living wage, and are needed in the community.)

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“What it takes to survive”

“In times of economic and demographic downturns, the smallest and weakest of colleges and universities will be challenged to survive. However, if institutions are clear about their missions but willing to expand them; if they welcome change in who their students are, which programs they offer and how they deliver those programs; and if they anticipate the impact of negative headwinds while moving quickly and smartly, they should be able to navigate the choppy waters ahead of them and survive.”

Colleges in trouble

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