Lake County Auditor…Not Accountable to State

We heard of a continuing software problem in the Lake County Auditor’s office, and wanted to get some help from the State Auditor’s office.  Here is the article we previously posted:

Here is the reply from the Ohio Auditor’s office:

The Auditor of State’s Special Investigations Unit is in receipt of your complaint and has finished its review of this matter.

Your complaint alleges software malfunctions at the County Auditor’s Office, and questions property tax assessments and tax payments to school districts.  The Auditor of State does not have jurisdiction over the issues raised in your complaint.  If any specific properties are identified with questionable tax assessments, the property owner should appeal to the Board of Revisions.

With the email, the Auditor of State’s Office will be closing this matter.

Thank you for contacting the Auditor of State’s Office with your concerns.

Cheryl S. Gray
Complaint Intake
Special Investigation Unit
Auditor of State Keith Faber

(LFC Comment: So there you have their answer.  We can expect no help from the State and whatever the Lake County Auditor office tells us, we must accept as the final word.  So the State does not hold the local officials accountable for their actions. So who does????)

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3 replies

  1. The courts would have the final say, I think.


  2. To knowingly charge more for taxes seems like a matter for the State Attorney General.


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