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Save Our Seniors

Note to the Willoughby-Eastlake School District Superintendent Steve Thompson:

Here is an email that we received from a Willoughby resident. She read our article about you telling the senior citizens that they should have planned better for their retirement. You see even $200 additional taxes per year would be a burden.

This is just another example of seniors being duped by the elites in our government.  Regardless of party, they chose their own greed and power over the welfare of U.S. Citizens.
From a Willoughby resident:

I noticed you mentioned social security being spent. I am no expert but have complained about this for years to many government officials. Senators and Congressman included. Social security was set up allowing money to be borrowed but it was to be paid back and that doesn’t happen. I believe that a good amount of the national debt is what is owed to social security. I never get an answer.

I am 73 yrs old worked 51 yrs and am spending my savings on the current property taxes in Willoughby, and another $200 would really be a burden. I planned for retirement,  but as you know everything keeps getting more expensive. Thanks for your work and bringing very important issues out in the open.

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  1. We would suggest that you go to your local school board and request all the information that you need to determine if your children should attend that school. You might be surprised with what you see and read.

  2. Is there a place where parents and taxpayers can see the names and authors of the books used to teach subjects such as Civics and American History? Also, do the parents and taxpayers have access to the curriculum that the teachers are expected to teach?

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