Cleveland Heights…their property tax reaching new “heights”.

(LFC Comment: We received an email from our friend in Cleveland Heights, and we thought our response might help everyone understand the calculation of property taxes and better understand the Housing Affordability Threshold concept.)

Brian, what is the formula to figure out how much more you will pay for a levy?

Example:  Cleveland Hts.  7.9 mills  $200,000 house,  our tax rate is 4.09%

How much more will be added to their current property tax if this levy passes?

Thanks Joe.
Here is our reply to the patriots in Cleveland Heights:
Hello, Joe:

The easiest formula is [Number of mills x $35.00] per $100,000 of valuation.
7.9 mills x $35.00 = $276.50 per $100,000 of market value.
Market Vale         Annual Property Tax Increase      Income Needed for HAT
$200,000                 $553.00  ($276.50 x 2)                        $1,843.00 ($553/.3)
$300,000                 $829.50  ($276.50 x 3)                      $2,765.00 ($829.50 /.3)
$400,000                $1,106.00 ($276.50 x 4)                      $3,686.00 ($1,106 / .3)
$500,000                $1,382.50  ($276.50 x 5)                   $4,608.00 ($1,382.50 /.3)
The 4.09% is not a tax rate, but rather the product of dividing the annual taxes paid by the market value of the property.  A home with a market value of $100,000 would pay $4,090.00 annually in property taxes. ($100,000 x .0409 [4.09% / 100])  [UNREAL! One of the highest in the State]
To double check the math:  $4,090.00 / $100,000 = 4.09%
By the way, the new percentage if the levy passes is 4.366% ($4,090 + $276 = $4,366 / $100,000)
The income needed to avoid reaching the 30% Housing Affordability Threshold (HAT) formula is the [Annual Tax increase / the homeowners personal HAT %].

For example, if their personal HAT % is 20% then their answer for a $200,000 home would be $2,765.00 ($553.00 / .20) in additional annual income – compared to the $1,843.00 for 30%.

Since we do not know everyone’s HAT %, we use the 30% factor as a guideline.  In reality, if they are currently at 20% HAT then any income less than $2,765.00 moves them gradually toward the 30% ceiling.

The point is that the ever increasing property taxes slowly but surely moves everyone closer to the 30% threshold unless there is a corresponding increase in income.  That is the deception played by the political sub-divisions when they say it is only $xx extra per month.

It is like the serpent slowly, but surely squeezing the life out of their victim.
Just my opinion, hope this helps.

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