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  1. I concur with the above in addition to the following:

    From the State of Oho Accountability office:  Since 2015 the achievement grade for W-E is a D.  This is based on the number of students who pass state tests and their performance.  The overall grade for the district is a C.  Perhaps extra curricular activities should be cut completely and focus on actually educating?

    Also, the W-E Administration has 45 fulltime staffers, no part time. Are any cuts being considered in this area?

    How many retired teachers are “double dipping” as substitutes and at what salary?

    RT @Thompson_WESup: “Install green light bulbs outside as a reminder to everyone in the community to vote on March 17. Together we can ligh…” This ridiculous idea is indicative of Thompson’s judgement and obvious stupidity. Is he going to pay for these green light bulbs or the homeowners’ increased electric bill?

    No wonder the schools weren’t open in a timely fashion in 2019 with the ongoing poor scholastic rating. BUT there is a brand new swimming pool and school facilities! Neither the Superintendent or the School Board can educate, administrate or budget. I personally think they all should be removed and certainly no more $$$ taxed for the bottomless pit!


  2. I would just like to thank my neighbor that tore down my vote no on issue one for that money wasting school system. We have installed a camera system and we are looking forward to prosecuting you in the future!!


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