Euthanasia and organ harvesting: Canada leads the way

When we read this article we thought of the phrase “evil works in incremental steps”.


Here are some excerpts that should cause some concern for most clear thinking people:

“There is growing evidence that coercion plays a substantial role for many vulnerable people with regards to so called physician-assisted death. Conflating this decision with organ donation further complicates the issue of coercion,”

“We need to acknowledge the unsettling reality that many vulnerable people who have been euthanized without consent, may also have had their organs harvested without explicit consent,”

“Canada is now on track to expand euthanasia to non-terminal cases.”

“This is the ethical next question, because obviously, if you’ve said ‘yes’ to euthanasia and you’ve said ‘yes’ to organ donation by doing euthanasia first, why would you do euthanasia and then organ donation, when you could be doing euthanasia by organ donation?”

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(LFC Comment: There it is…slowly but surely the State will move toward killing a person by removing their org
ans!   What if babies were born just for their organs?


Waste hauling image

Removing aborted fetuses from Planned Parenthood

Of course,  there are those that will say that will NEVER happen.  How could we even suggest such a heinous thing? There are many  people that thought: marijuana would NEVER be legalized, abortions on demand would NEVER happen, Planned Parenthood would NEVER sell baby parts, and opposite sexes would NEVER share the same bathroom!

Evil works in incremental steps; moving insidiously throughout society, becoming accepted by more and more unsuspecting sheeple until it has gathered enough support that the remaining  few holdouts are irrelevant and dealt with accordingly.)

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