Lakeland Community College…not in step with community

(LC Comments: We have been discussing the challenges facing the Lake County manufacturers, and it is obvious that finding qualified individuals is a huge challenge.  The manufacturers are willing to work with local colleges to establish the training needed to be successful in the job.  The problem is Lakeland Community College has not shown the interest in providing the educational opportunities for Lake County residents interested in manufacturing.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE COMMUNITY! )

For Lake County to flourish economically in the future, there must be a concerted effort by business and local governmental entities working in concert to provide the citizens the training that will surely be needed in the future.

An aging population, declining birth rates, and an exodus out of Lake County by the younger generations could be a death knell for businesses unless the workforce issues are addressed.

There is fierce competition among Northeast Ohio employers for workers at all talent levels.  This shortage of workers creates a tremendous advantage for the average citizen, and can translate in higher wages, benefits, and rewarding careers.  Many Lake County manufacturers provide 100% reimbursement for college or trade school education, hospitalization, and dental coverage!

Were you aware that manufacturers are an integral component to the overall economic success and quality of life in the State of Ohio and Lake County?  Ohio ranks third in the country behind only California and Texas in manufacturers’ Gross Domestic Product with $112.2 billion.

Did you know that the average annual earnings of Ohio workers employed in the manufacturing sector was $60,002 in 2017?  There are tremendous career opportunities for students of all aptitudes and interests.

A consortium of Lake County, Ashtabula County, Geauga County, and Eastern Cuyahoga County manufacturers formed a non-profit organization known as the Alliance for Working Together AWT) with a core mission of promoting rewarding careers in manufacturing.   Since 2002, they have placed over 1,000 students into manufacturing careers, and have created outstanding programs showcasing the benefits for students:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Summer Manufacturing Institute Camps for 5th and 6th graders
  • Robotics:

Juniorbots for Middle School  – students building 3 lb. combat robots

Robobots for High School – students designing and building 15 lb. robots

If you know of any current student, or recent high school graduate that wants to know more about any of these career opportunities or participate in the robotic challenges, please visit the website


What about the taxpayers?

LFC is reaching out to the movers and shakers at Lakeland Community College.  You are getting $20 million a year in property taxes from Lake County residents and have not seen fit to provide a quality education program geared toward the manufacturing sector in Lake County.

Our manufacturers must deal with Lorain Community College because of your lack of attention to this pressing Lake County issue.  We need you to step up and work with the manufacturers so that full time workers have a chance to get college degrees at nights or on the weekends

Hmmmm image







(LFC Comments:  If you need any proof about Lakeland Community College’s management not being in sync with Lake County, just read this article in today’s News-Herald detailing how a Lake County manufacturer is working with Lorain Community College on a manufacturing program. (We wonder if students have to pay out of county rates to attend Lorain Community College?)

Lakeland’s Board of Directors appears to either be “asleep at the switch”, or lacking a basic understanding of the needs of Lake County.   For them, building dorms is the ticket to Lakeland’s future success, while the business community goes elsewhere to meet their needs for qualified workers.

When we also consider that the Willougbhy-Eastlake School district does not use Lakeland for the College Credit Plus program, we have come to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong a Lakeland Community College.  They no longer represent the needs of Lake County, and the $20 million they get annually from the taxpayer should be seriously reviewed.

This writer just got the current  property tax bill, and saw that we are paying $431.47 per year to Morris and the gang. (What are we getting for that tax???)  ANY renewal request of property taxes will be under the microscope by LFC.  It may be time for a “clean sweep” of management at LCC.

out to lunch 2
So where are our elected County Commissioners Cirino, Hamercheck and Young on this issue? They appoint LCC board members and just step aside without displaying any leadership.  Upon further consideration, it is common place for Cirino and Young to just turn their head when things go sideways.   They did not hold the Port Authority Board accountable for the mismanagement of the Better Flip project. So we can say that at least they are consistent in their management style.

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