Lakeland vs Lorain CC…quality is the result of comparison

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(LFC Comments: We received the following article from a Lake County lobbyist.  We want to be sure that the “movers and shakers” at Lakeland Community College read it so that they can understand how a community college is supposed to interact with the community that is giving them $20 million a year in property taxes.  Please remember that “quality is the result of comparison”, and quite frankly, you are not looking so good.)

For the benefit of the LCC Board, here are a couple of excerpts that you should read.

“…the college has seen a 94 percent increase in the number of people earning degrees since 2011, and 61 percent of Lorain County high graduates start their college experience there. These numbers no doubt contributed to the institution being named the top community college in the country for Excellence in Student Success by the American Association of Community Colleges in 2018.”

“Working with business”

please read

“This effort has evolved to include a closer partnership with the regional business community.

“We’re expected to be flexible, agile and nimble partners with those employers, whether that’s advanced manufacturing, health care, biomedical — whatever the industry sector is,” Ballinger says. “We need to not only meet them where they are to help create that talent pipeline and solutions for what they need, but also work with them on future development.”

“Community colleges have been instrumental in providing new programs and curriculum that establish a baseline of skill sets related to advanced technologies being implemented in the workforce, says Matt Hlavin, CEO at Thogus, a plastic injection molding company based in Avon Lake.”

“There has been a gap for years between the business community and educational institutions,” Hlavin says. “It is very taxing for employers, particularly small businesses, to have to retrain new employees upon hiring. LCCC is a forward-thinking educational institution that listens to our needs and has been a critical resource for preparing students to enter the workforce with the skill sets we need.”

(LFC Comments:  Note to the LCC Board…we are upset and a little embarrassed for you.   You no longer seem to represent the Lake County community.  Please do not even think about a new or renewal property tax levy any time soon.)

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  1. What do you expect from Lakeland, where the board is selected by the County Commissioners. It is just more politics and these board members don’t give a crap about the students. Just look at the condition of disrepair of the buildings. Pure Politics.


    • If the Lake County Commissioners do not take action, then it is left up to the citizens to shut down the property taxes being paid to LCC. We have no confidence in ANY State agency to step in to help Lake County taxpayers. They will all say: “We have no jurisdiction”. People need to wake up.


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