Drug Overdose Stats…heart-breaking deaths

(LFC Comments: The Center for Community Solutions provided this chart on drug overdose deaths.  Here is a link to their article: https://www.communitysolutions.com/data-shows-drop-unintentional-drug-overdose-deaths-2018/?mc_cid=d0813d07c3&mc_eid=8d430e97ba

What about the drug deaths in Lake County?
From the Coroner’s office:

2014  52
2015  49
2016  92
2017  93
2018  80
2019  ~60 (there are a few still under review)

Hmmmm image

LFC supports President Trump’s efforts to build the wall on our Southern Border, and any other initiative that would STOP the flow of illegal drugs into our country to eliminate these needless, heart-breaking deaths.  It is unfortunate that the Lake County governmental entities and non-profits, such as the ADAMHS Board and the Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, for some reason, do not take an active, vocal role supporting the building the wall on our Southern Boarder.  Makes one go HMMM, I wonder WHY?)

border wall


drug deaths chart

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  1. These non-profit quasi government boards make entirely too much money TREATING the drug problem. If the drugs stop coming in…people don’t get addicted…and they are out of business.

    It’s the same reason John Rogers voted NO to make ballot language crystal clear to the taxpayer, i.e. we would know EXACTLY how much a property tax levy would cost per $100K of home valuation. He sits on the Land Bank…where all the foreclosed properties go. John Rogers is likely the biggest stealth developer in Lake County and no one knows it. People should take a closer look at what happens to properties when they go to the land bank. Do they sit there? For how long? What happens after 3 years? Who buys them at pennies on the dollar and then sells them at market value? Who is making money off of human suffering?

    Evil politicians are making money off of human suffering. Rob Portman is no different. He takes money from drug companies that make Narcan and Methodone…and then does not support Trump’s border wall. These people are SICK!


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