What is Collabrative Learning?…not the 3 R’s

We read the article in the News-Herald about the Mentor School Superintendent, Mr. Bill Porter, telling the Mentor Chamber of Commerce about changes in the Mentor schools.  Here is a link to the article:


Here is an excerpt that caught our attention:

“He (Porter) described the (school) spaces as being flexible and comfortable to promote collaborative learning and teaching.”


This got us wondering: “What to heck is ‘collaborative learning’?  We then went to a couple of sources for an answer.  The first was a simple Internet search:

collabrative learning 2

“Collaborative learning is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.”

Still not satisfied, we reached out to our contributor and subject matter expert, Mr. Bruce Deitrick Price, for the real answer.  Here is his response:

Hello, Brian,

Thanks for writing. I appreciate your enthusiasm and effort. That’s how we win.
I always tell people if they want to find if I wrote about some topic, Google my full name and the subject….I did this and found two of my earlier pieces (circa 2011) about cooperative learning. The first is on my main site. “Cooperative Learning–another tawdry gimmick” http://improve-education.org/id85.html
Another article, with a bigger perspective, is: “Education–a newspaper’s responsibility to the community.” Point #4 is a quick definition of cooperative learning. (The broader concern is that the institutions which should protect us – particularly the media but also including universities, foundations, etc.—have decided to abet their liberal friends by being silent. I sometimes call it The Big Silence. Every day I’m stunned by this weird reality. These people would prefer to let American children be ignorant and illiterate rather than giving parents the information they need about K-12. (emphasis by LFC)
Circa 1900, John Dewey started his war on individualism, which he hated. These people viewed society as one big group with everyone being a more or less equal or interchangeable member. That’s the starting justification for emphasizing cooperation in every aspect of life and school. Cooperative learning was the common phrase in the beginning; I think they’re letting that go in favor of collaboration now; but it’s all the same thing. This also flows into PBL, project-based learning. In school and in business, you hear the word team more often. The school, and each individual classroom or project, is viewed as a finishing school for young socialists. The first thing the children do is sit around little tables. Each table is a miniature socialist society. (Honestly, maybe some of this stuff could be helpful. But these people never settle for some. They push as far as they can get away with it in every direction simultaneously.)
(LFC Comments:  So there you have the truthful answer.  It is part of the overall deception and betrayal to fundamentally transform the United States using the European, secular, socialist model that is destroying the European continent.  It is all part of the globalist agenda for the New World Order – Agenda 2030.
Benjamin Franklin’s prophetic words ring so true today.  When asked what form of government the founding fathers gave us, his reply was: “A Constitutional Republic if you can keep it”! 
you decide
You can have a defining role in the future of the United States in November, 2020.  You can vote for Donald Trump, and allow us four more years to try to get back on the right path as a nation; or you can vote for the Democrat choice that will lead us on the socialist/communist path of despair and destruction.
This vote may be the most important one you will make for your family and your country.  Unfortunately, battle lines are being drawn.)  Isaiah 5:20

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  5. My apologies on the spelling of your name….It has been corrected. Thank you for your very insightful articles.

  6. Thanks for using my comments.

    Please spell my name like this: Bruce Deitrick Price (in honor of a German grandfather).

    I believe I do have more than 400 articles on the Internet. My forte is explaining the dysfunctional theories and methods often used in our classrooms, things such as sight-words, constructivism, Common Core, cooperative Learning, and many others. It’s these bogus theories that have wrecked the schools.

    As for the Troll With No Name, he pretends to miss the point. The ghost of John Dewey hangs around every classroom. There is no humor in this. It’s just sad.

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