Concord Township…high density housing decision

On Monday, February 3rd at 7:00 the Trustees will hear a proposal to rezone 26 acres on Prouty Rd, next to Rt 44, (the horse farm) from regular residential, R-1 to multi-family, high-density homes, R-3.

get involved 2

On January 7th, the Zoning Commission unanimously rejected the proposal. The Trustees need to hear from YOU, as they have the power to overturn the Zoning Commission’s decision and approve this high-density rezoning. Below are the facts.


Do you want to live near high-density units?

  • Up to 200 rental units, 4 times the current allowed density.
  • A developer is asking the Trustees to consider this density, up to 8 units per acre, on the 26-acre Horse Farm on Prouty Rd, next to SR 44. This property is surrounded by single family homes.
  • The property is about a half mile from the dangerous five-way Morley-Prouty-Pinehill intersection.
  •  This rezoning would generate up to 1,600 car trips through this dangerous intersection or the stop signs on Prouty at Auburn or Ravenna.
  • While the developer’s current plan is to build fewer than eight homes per acre, once the property is rezoned, ANY high-density project can be built.
  • If the township allows this high-density development, which property will be next in Concord?

you decide

Want to stop this high-density  development?

Attend the Trustee Meeting on Monday, February 3rd at 7:00 pm at Town Hall, 7229 Ravenna Rd.


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2 replies

  1. WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE CONGESTION IN THE AREA. 1 acre lots maybe, nothing more than that.


  2. We do not need more congestion in area. 1 acre lots would be more than reasonable.


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