Corruption Knows No Borders

free speech zone

(LFC Comments: Thanks to our contributor, known as Italian John, for exercising his free speech rights.  Italian John is an American citizen living, at this time, in Italy.  The only change we would make to his article is to include Geauga County.)

Based on what I read about local news from these 3 counties [Lake, Portage, Knox], published on  the internet, I think it’s slowly dawning on people that corruption carries a heavy price tag. Especially people over 40 “on the left” who are paying higherproperty taxes (as a percent of disposable real income), and wondering how all that money gets spent, and just who gets to decide where it gets spent.

But it’s not sufficient to know that corruption exists in one’s County, in general
terms. You have to uncover discrete, tangible, unambiguous cases of
individuals breaking the law (or bending it in a way only Picasso could love)
and then make his or her life MISERABLE, day and night, until he or she
gives up the names of those who put him up to it, and the modus operandis.

This requires a sacrifice. . . .time and energy and possible backlash. . . .on the
part of many other voters in the county. There is no short-cut.
Voters in the State of New York are going to regret the fact that they failed to
do this, in the case of Carl E. Heastie.  Heastie was caught on video,

blackmailing assemblyman Nader Sayegh into changing his vote, after the
13-13 split decision on Repealing Religious Freedom. It’s entirely obvious
from that video, that someone at a level well above Heastie’s has a
Control File on Sayegh (and probably on two or three others, as well).
Our country cannot return to being one based on the Rule of Law, until we
stop being one based on the Control File. Period.

Take it from someone who lives in Turin Italy,  where Heastie-level
in-your-face corruption pales in comparison.

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  1. Corruption is rampant in Lake County. All the officials supposed to be providing oversight, look the other way and always seem to find a way to avoid holding any of the good old boys accountable. State officials want to avoid controversy so they look the other way. It’s disgusting.


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