Lakeland Community College…forgetting their mission

For Lake County to flourish economically in the future, there must be a concerted effort by business and local governmental entities working in concert to provide the citizens the training that will surely be needed in the future.

An aging population, declining birth rates, and an exodus out of Lake County by the younger generations could be a death knell for businesses unless the workforce issues are addressed.

There is fierce competition among Northeast Ohio employers for workers at all talent levels.  This shortage of workers creates a tremendous advantage for the average citizen, and can translate in higher wages, benefits, and rewarding careers.  Many Lake County manufacturers provide 100% reimbursement for college or trade school education, hospitalization, and dental coverage!

Were you aware that manufacturers are an integral component to the overall economic success and quality of life in the State of Ohio and Lake County?  Ohio ranks third in the country behind only California and Texas in manufacturers’ Gross Domestic Product with $112.2 billion.

Did you know that the average annual earnings of Ohio workers employed in the manufacturing sector was $60,002 in 2017?  There are tremendous career opportunities for students of all aptitudes and interests.

A consortium of Lake County, Ashtabula County, Geauga County, and Eastern Cuyahoga County manufacturers formed a non-profit organization known as the Alliance for Working Together (AWT) with a core mission of promoting rewarding careers in manufacturing.   Since 2002, they have placed over 1,000 students into manufacturing careers, and have created outstanding programs showcasing the benefits for students:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Summer Manufacturing Institute Camps for 5th and 6th graders
  • Robotics:Juniorbots for Middle School  students building 3 lb. combat robotsRobobots for High School students designing and building 15 lb. robots

If you know of any current student, or recent high school graduate that wants to know more about any of these career opportunities or participate in the robotic challenges, please visit the website


LFC is reaching out to the movers and shakers at Lakeland Community College.  You are getting $20 million a year in property taxes from Lake County residents, and have not seen fit to provide a quality education program geared toward the manufacturing sector in Lake County.

thumbs down imageOur manufacturers must deal with Lorain Community College because of your lack of attention to this pressing Lake County issue.  We need you to step up and work with the manufacturers so that full time workers have a chance to get college degrees at nights or on the weekends.  It appears you have lost sight of your original mission of being a local community college working  to the improve the lives of the Lake County taxpayers.

Note to all current Lake County Commissioners and all candidates that may be on the ballot in November:  We expect you to get involved by insisting that the Lakeland Community College Board listens to the needs of the manufacturing community, and creates the needed training programs for the Lake County taxpayers.






please read

(LFC Comments: Just an FYI to Morris and the Board – the taxpayers are watching you!  Any lies, deceptions and betrayals will be dealt with when you try to renew any property tax levies. You can forget any thoughts of new property tax levies. Do not forget that you work for the taxpayers!)

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