“New Way Forward Act” – A Deception or Betrayal?

(LFC Comments: Here we see the proposed betrayal perpetrated on American citizens by the Democrat Party and the main stream media…Have you heard about it?  

For the record LFC defines this as a grand BETRAYAL of the American citizens, and our country!

Make no mistake the November 2020 election is “for all the marbles”.  Vote like your country, as you know it, depends on it.)

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  1. This is sheer lunacy…at least from a rational point of view. (Or perhaps I am not rational and this is.)

    In November we will be faced with a stark contrast between presidential candidates. We will have President Donald Trump who puts we the people (i.e. America) first and whoever the Democrats put up who put everyone ahead of we the people. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrat nominee isn’t anyone currently running as the current batch of candidates is a pretty sad lot.


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