Lakeland Community College…Board Opening…new leadership needed

Lakeland Community College has requested the renewal of Dr. Kathleen T. Malec’s  appointment to the Lakeland Community College Board of Directors.  Her current term expires March 6, 2020. We thank Dr. Malec for her twenty years of service to the community, but it is time to start replacing Board members if we expect changes to take place at Lakeland.

We cannot have Board members that simply rubber stamp the desires of Mr. Morris Beverage.  It appears to us that new leadership is sorely needed at Lakeland.

If you believe you are qualified and have a spine, please send your resume and letter of interest to the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

LCC Board member

Dr. Kathleen T. Malec

3/31/2000 – 3/6/2020
Retired nursing instructor
B.S.N., St. John College
M.P.A., Cleveland State University
D.A.E., University of Central Arizona
Member, The Lakeland Foundation Board of Directors

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