Taxpayers Speak Out About LCC…”They aren’t happy”

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(LFC Comments:  One of our roles is to provide a forum for the Lake County taxpayers to express their concerns, frustrations and objections to the lies, deceptions and betrayals by the politicians and bureaucrats that act in their own self-interest rather than for the betterment of Lake County community and taxpayers.  Here are some comments we received about the administrators of Lakeland Community College.  Unfortunately, nothing will change unless the Lake County Commissioners grow a spine and takes some overt actions to change the make-up of the Board of Directors rather than “rubber-stamping” Morris Beverage’s recommendation.)

Here is the first comment:

“An expose of the LCC trustees is long overdue. How did the Lakeland Board of Trustees become a farm team for the creation of future cabal leaders?  By what stretch of the imagination was the 1990’s version of Jerry Cirino qualified to have any speaking role in the management of a college?  The same question applies to Dale Fellows and Paul Malchesky.”

[LFC Comment: The writer has a valid point, it does seem that the LCC Board of Directors is used as a training ground for people to “move up” in Lake County politics.  Cirino is now a Lake County Commissioner, and he is already “measuring for drapes” in his new, hoped for, State Senate office.  Dale Fellows is the head of the Lake County Republican Party, and Paul Malchesky is a perennial politician who was just elected judge of the municipal court.]

Here is the second comment:

“I just read your latest post about Lakeland – another Bull’s Eye.  Lakeland is the greatest argument for term limits in Ohio history.  Trustees customarily served no more than two five year terms. Why has it somehow been deemed necessary to keep the same ones around for twenty or thirty years ? What exactly are their qualifications ? Is it based on outstanding results ? Hardly.

The trustees are appointed by the governor and the Lake County Commissioners based on recommendations from the Lakeland President.  Why does Lakeland’s President get to select the people to whom he reports ?  The whole arrangement invites incompetence and corruption. It answers many questions about Lakeland’s current situation.

I wouldn’t trust “Presidents”  like Ralph Doty and Morris Beverage to order a meal in a restaurant without supervision.”

(LFC Comments: We have no knowledge of Mr. Doty’s and Mr. Beverage’s ability to order a meal in a restaurant – so we will move on…)

And a final third comment:

“The idea that Morris Beverage and his entourage fleece students and taxpayers for a
generation without any accountability is a scandal that should rock Lake County.

That applies to so many of the college’s  so – called leaders.  Student numbers drop, administrators multiply – why?

What exactly does a Chief of Staff and Vice President For Institutional Advancement do ?

How did Morris Beverage become Lakeland’s president ? How many trustees have served 20 years or more on the board ?

No brains, no qualifications, no problem !”



(LFC Comments:  The $20 million in property taxes per year paid by Lake County taxpayers should generate better results for the Community.  We need an administration that is more in line with the needs of the community, rather that fulfilling their dream of creating a “high brow” four year institution.
We need an administration that is sensitive to the needs of the Lake County manufacturing community so that they do not have to create alliances with Lorain Community College.
We need an administration that does not have a callous indifference to employees that are former veterans (Note to the Board – we know all about the lawsuits)…we will end with that for now.)

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