Governor DeWine Selling Us Out…a huge betrayal

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(LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at Marietta 9/12 project for this article.  We are going to have to start seriously thinking about recalling these politicians that are betraying us, and putting their constituents  in harm’s way.)

Some excerpts from the article:

“Why would any governor purposely request Muslim refugees from third world countries within their state, knowing full well the dangers lurking to their constituents and the potential hazard to our national security interests as demonstrated by recent events in Europe.”  [LFC Comment: We have always said that what is happening in Europe is foreshadowing what will happen in the United States.]

“The most pressing issues that should be of concern to Republican governors, ready to embark on this “fools journey” is the safety of their citizens, regarding the duel issues of assimilation and the real threat of terrorism from Islamic extremists embedded within the refugee population, and the serious lack of credible government infrastructure within those third world countries making accurate vetting near impossible, which in turn puts the lives of every American citizen within those states at risk.”

“This is how red states become blue and how America ceases to be America.”

“They stress the schools and social programs while not fully integrating.”

“As with illegal immigration, the long term agenda of refugee settlement is to bring in future Democratic voters, obviously.”  [LFC Comments:  We wonder when DeWine is going to switch parties?]

“However, RINO’s abandoning any pretense of living up to their oath of office “to protect and defend” for a more obscure European promise of inclusiveness, that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel now admits was a mistake, stating recently at her parties [sic] annual conference that multiculturalism is a “living lie” and that if she could turn back the hands of time on bringing in a million Muslim refugees, she would.” [emphasis added by LFC]


(LFC Opinion:  It appears to us that there needs to be a  complete realignment of the existing parties.  The Democrats will need to split and create the Socialist/Communist party so that their extreme leftists can find a new home.  The Liberal Democrats and the RINO’s that believe in a strong central government controlling the lives of the citizens, and supporting uncontrolled spending,  should form their own party so that voters can see them for what they are.  Finally, those citizens that really believe in the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, and the United States as a Republic and a sovereign nation, should establish their own party since they have no affiliation with the other two parties.

Our current two party system is operating more like the European parliamentary system where one party will need to control all three branches of government.  In addition, with the increasing use of executive orders  we are operating like a monarchy.  Bi-partisan support on anything appears impossible because of the deep division within the country.

Quite frankly, we have had it with Republicans that, once in office,are influenced by the lobbyists to the detriment of their constituents.)


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  4. We are over, done, finished voting for liberals of ANY party. We will just not vote for that position.

  5. When Mike DeWine was a senator and was being challenged by Sherrod Brown I went to a fund raiser for Mike. I knew then that he was not a true conservative . I held my nose and voted for him as senator and then again as governor . He is a liberal posing as a conservative and always has been .

    Bob Sanderson

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