Lake County’s March 17th Ballot…something odd going on

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(LFC Comments:  We welcome a new contributor to our website.)

Lake County Election Observations

Written by Chuck Laughlin

As I was comparing the Democrat versus Republican ballot in Lake County for the March election, I noticed some things that I thought were odd or unexpected.

First, it was interesting that for the four Common Pleas Court judge positions, all of the candidates are running unopposed (one D and 3 Rs), not only in the primary but will also be unopposed in the general election.  I believe they are all incumbents.

It is also interesting to note that John Rogers chose to run against the incumbent John Hamercheck while the relatively unknown James Dugan (I don’t believe I have ever heard of him) is matched up against Jason Wuliger.  It would seem like Rogers would have a better chance against Wuliger since neither of them is an incumbent.  Might it be a possibility that both the Ds and Rs would like to replace Hamercheck.  I don’t know.  Just makes me wonder.  Stranger things have happened.  (LFC Comment: See comment below)

The Rs have no D challengers for Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, County Engineer, and Coroner.  The Ds have no R challengers for Clerk of Court (unless Faith Andrews gets the needed 50 write-in votes).

Galloway’s opponent for County Auditor is another relatively unknown, Joe Shriver.  At least I don’t have any recollection of him.

Dave Joyce’s opponent is Hillary O’Connor Mueri, whoever she is.  But many probably could have made the same comment about me if I had run against Dave Joyce.  Of course, it generally doesn’t matter who runs against Joyce in the general election.  The district is a pretty good lean toward the Republicans and the incumbent wins congressional elections probably 95+% of the time.  Plus the incumbents have a lot of money to spend compared to their challengers.

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At any rate, it just seems odd that certain offices don’t have opposition.  I wonder why that is.


(LFC Comments:  We could speculate on why there is not more names on the ballot, but proving it is another matter altogether.   However, since we have dealt with the Lake County Commissioners  for the last three years, we can say, unequivocally, that it would be a mistake to remove John Hamercheck from the Commissioner’s position. 

Hamercheck is the ONLY Commissioner that stood his ground regarding the Better Flip project.  Unfortunately, the other two Commissioners would not support him, and just let the Port’s former Executive Director and Board of Directors spend $299,000 of the taxpayers’ money refurbishing a Willowick bungalow. 

In our opinion, the two Commissioners were just as guilty as the Port Authority of gross malfeasance.  They just swept everything under the rug, and had the News-Herald covering their backside.)

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