Sustainable Development…what is the goal?

(LFC Comments: We try to follow the experts in any given field or issue, and publish articles that expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals of our politicians and the main stream news media about the subject.  Mr. Tom DeWeese is the leading expert on “Sustainable Development” and “Agenda 21”.

red pill blue pill imageFor those that have not taken “the red pill” yet on this topic, we  guarantee you will find his article enlightening and scary at the same time.  In our opinion, the allure of federal grant money is rather intoxicating for the local politicians and bureaucrats, but it slowly erodes the freedom and liberty for the average citizen.  Remember that evil works in incremental steps.

LFC will become much more cognizant of the strings attached to the grant money received by Lake County entities.  We will ask questions of our local political sub-divisions, and to try to determine what they have agreed to implement regarding the nefarious, deceptive concept of “sustainable development”.

Some excerpts from the article:

“There is an agenda being implemented before your very eyes. It’s called Sustainable Development. And I will tell you now, if you want to keep your guns, your property, your children and your God, if you love liberty, then Sustainable Development is your enemy!”

“So what is Sustainable Development? Imagine an America in which a specific “ruling principle” is created to decide proper societal conduct for every citizen. That principle would be used to consider everything you eat, what you wear, the kind of homes you live in, the method of transportation used to get to work, the way you dispose of waste, perhaps the number of children you may have, even your education and employment decisions.”

“Sustainable Development is that “ruling principle” for the implementation of what former Vice President Al Gore said we must all suffer through in order to purify our nation from the horrors of the Twentieth Century’s industrial revolution. In his book, Earth in the Balance, Gore called it a “wrenching transformation of society.” Those are pretty powerful words that should concern anyone who values liberty. It’s a warning that the rules are changing and that a new power elite is taking control.”

“Sustainable Development: A Life Plan Chosen By Someone Else

  •  Now, perhaps you’ll understand why there are Sustainable Development papers, guidelines and regulations to impose the ruling principle:
  • On our public education system — to prepare our children to live in a sustainable world.
  • On our economy — to create partnerships between business and government, making sure business becomes a tool to help implement the policies.
  • On the environment — leading to controls on private property and business.
  • On health care — the new drive against obesity is leading directly toward controls on what we eat
  • On farming — Sustainable Development policies affect farmers’ ability to produce more crops by regulating or banning free farming practices that have fed America and the world for 200 years.
  • On our social and cultural environment — where political correctness is controlling policy, including hiring practices, immigration policy, multiculturalism, marriage laws, etc.
  • On our mobility — with emphasis on carpools and public transportation and away from the freedom of personal transportation.
  • And on public safety — where the rule of law and the court system is being challenged by new regulations that affect the right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures.”

“How To Fight Back

 Now, let me quickly give you one idea that we might use to effectively fight back and stop Sustainable Development. There is a flaw in their implementation system. The fact is Congress does not pass laws making regulations mandatory for implementation of the Sustainable Development agenda. That would be a violation of the 10th Amendment. To get around it, Congress sets up a system of grants that come with strings. In order to get the money you have to “voluntarily” comply with the rules that go with it. The system has been set up with the help of groups like the Sierra Club, the National Education Association, and Planned Parenthood, to name a few. They all fully understand the game and its rules. And they have over 12,000 fellow organizations on the state and local levels to agitate and enforce those rules by applying pressure to local community councilmen and commissioners. That’s how the Sustainable Development agenda is being implemented in every single community and school in the nation.”

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