Crossovers…Another Tactic to Influence an Election

Well, well, well…look what we have here.  We were really curious about perennial Democrat/Indpendent Gabe Cicconetti’s sincerity about running for Lake County Recorder as a Republican when he has NEVER voted as a Republican in the last 21 elections.  Here is a link to our previous post on “When is a Democrat a Republican?”:

A Lake County lobbyist sent us the screenshot below of Mr. Cicconetti’s Facebook page.

Please note that Cicconetti is instituting another political tactic.  We are not sure if the tactic has been given a name by the power elites, but it is meant to influence an election and target a member of the opposing party.  It would be a magnificent coup if Cicconetti could get his Democrat friends and relatives to “crossover” by pulling a Republican ballot, and voting for him.   He then has a chance to defeat an incumbent Republican named Becky Lynch – A REAL, TRUE BLUE REPUBLICAN!

If Cicconnetti wins the primary, then the General Election will be between a hard-line, party of death, Democrat and a faux Republican that has never voted as a Republican.

you decide
So many “public servants” are more concerned about using political offices as stepping stones to further their own political careers.  The voters must decide if they are tired of the deceptions being played on them by these self-serving politicians.


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  1. So what else is new. Seems self preservation and leeching off taxpayers , is the name of the game. Not just the democrats like Cicconetti, but there are certain so called RINOS, who fall in the same category. A certain commissioner by the name of Cirino comes to mind. ALL DISGUSTING. CONCORD BOB

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    • We agree Concord Bob…promoting their self interest with lies, deceptions and betrayals. Power is very intoxicating, and telling the truth is secondary to their political agenda. To “win at all costs” is their mantra.


  2. Haha, well, well, well, here we go with more talking out both sides. So, based on your logic you don’t think there should be a President Trump? Because, without crossover votes he wouldn’t be president. Without crossover votes he wouldn’t have won Lake County by 15%. Without crossover votes he wouldn’t have won Ohio by almost 10%. Based on info from the board of elections there were thousands of crossovers in the 2016 primary, more than any year in recent history. Is it only ok when it’s a candidate you THINK should win? This stuff is comical, “staff writer”.



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