Lake County Recorder…throwing down the gauntlet

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Woo-Hoo…now we are getting somewhere.  A Lake County official with a steel rod for a spine, and standing up for what is right…very unusual in Lake County, where everyone covers each other’s flank.  Becky Lynch, incumbent Lake County Recorder, is no push-over, and will do what it takes to get the truth to the citizens of Lake County.

We need more Lake County officeholders like Becky Lynch.  She may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but she will stand up for the rights of Lake County citizens.  Please read her letter to the Ohio Secretary of State regarding Mr. Gabe Cicconetti’s questionable tactics with his new found political party.

Becky Lynch letter to State

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  1. All this whining and complaining about who’s running for recorder sounds a lot like Democrats whining about who’s president.


  2. Is it not strange that a life long Democrat all of a sudden becomes a Republican to challenge a life long Republican in the Republican primary? I could be writing of Gabe Cicconetti in Lake County…or I could be writing of Matt Rambo in Geauga County.

    And with respect to the previous reply to this post, how can it be that an individual can try to legitimately compare the Democrats whining about losing to Donald Trump, in spite of the foul play on the part of the Democrats, to the Republicans seeking that the Democrats play by the rules. Both parties should play by the rules.

    But there seemingly are two standards. The first is that Democrats can’t be held accountable for any of their illegal activities (e.g., Hillary’s illegal email server and subsequent destruction of government records, the FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump campaign based upon an allegedly false FISA court application, Biden’s corruption with his son Hunter). The second is that the Republicans are to be castigated for trying to uphold the law (as in this instance with regard to Cicconetti’s qualification to run in a Republican primary or trying to clean up the voter rolls).

    One of the really great things about our country is that it was founded upon the principle of the rule of law…and that it applies equally to everyone. It is a real shame that we have lost that principle.


  3. Also, It’s pretty humorous that someone who makes the claim of being a hardcore, “fiscally responsible REAL Republican” is initiating a ridiculous waste of taxpayer funds by bogging down the Sec. of State’s office staff to investigate a complaint that has zero basis as it’s clearly stated in the ORC what qualifies. You’d think someone whose elected position literally requires following the ORC would easily be able to find the info in the ORC that makes this complaint moot and save the taxpayer dollars. But apparently not, so here it is:

    “For purposes of SIGNING or CIRCULATING a petition of candidacy for party nomination or election, an elector is considered to be a member of a political party if the elector voted in that party’s primary election within the preceding two calendar years, OR IF THE ELECTOR DID NOT VOTE IN ANY OTHER PARTY’S PRIMARY ELECTION WITHIN THE PRECEDING TWO CALENDAR YEARS.”

    Couldn’t be any more clear….. but I guess wasting tax payer dollars for a desperation move is what “real” republicans do?

    Also humorous: wasting taxpayer dollars on baseless complaints is now considered having a “steel rod spine”? Makes no sense, “staff writer”. There’s a lot of both sides of the mouth talking in these posts.


  4. Why haven’t you posted my other comment? I’ve posted it 2 times here and you still haven’t put it up. Censoring now when it’s clearly contradicts the rhetoric? It’s clear who you are really “lobbying” for.


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