Vaccines…part 1…What You Should Know

pulling back the curtain

(LFC Comments: Thanks to a Lake County nurse for a three part series of articles on vaccines.  We know that this is a very controversial subject.  However, we would be much more trusting if the pharmaceutical companies, and the major hospitals were not motivated by power and profits.  We have attended too many meetings where whistle blowers have told us about losing their jobs at hospitals for “pulling back the curtain”.  We provide the truth, and let our readers make up their own mind.  

We would suggest a “verify first, then trust” attitude in many areas of life.  Lies, deceptions and betrayals surround us.  Evil works in incremental steps.)

What's in a Vaccine 1

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  1. This is a dangerous topic because it arouses emotions, scare tactics, and misinformation. Just look at what is above. Who would want to get all those illnesses and conditions that are listed above?

    When one goes to the “authoritative” source, Learn The Risk, one sees the scary information shown above. It accomplishes its intended purpose…to scare people…but doesn’t provide any evidence.

    Here is what is said about the founder of the organization.

    “Learn The Risk was founded by a former pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan, an ex-Merck sales executive who never meant to take on the world’s most powerful industry. But she felt she had no choice when the industry’s agenda to keep us all sick began to spiral out of control.”

    It is the “industry’s agenda to keep us all sick”??? Where is the evidence to back up this inflammatory statement?

    The next paragraph continues as shown.

    “Brandy saw the corruption from the inside when she sold a drug (VIOXX) that was literally killing thousands of people. Now she exposes the truth behind the “health” care system and empowers people to take control of their health and make changes NATURALLY.”

    The drug “was literally killing thousands of people.”??? Where is the evidence to back up this, another, inflammatory statement?

    The website goes on to say, “There are multiple toxic ingredients in vaccines — some known to cause cancer and autoimmune disorders. These toxins create health issues that in turn create customers.”

    It sounds scary that vaccines contain “multiple toxic ingredients”…unless one understands this in its proper context. For example, did you know that table salt is a toxic substance? Indeed it is. When ingested in sufficiently large quantities, it can be fatal. However, when used at the appropriate dosage, it makes our food taste better.

    Has anyone ever taken antibiotics? Other medications? They are all toxic…when used at sufficiently high dosages. But when taken at the prescribed dosage they can be beneficial.

    Most any substance can be toxic at a given dosage. So, the statement that there are toxic ingredients in vaccines is true in one sense but completely false in another. I haven’t seen any evidence that any of the ingredients in vaccines are present at toxic levels.

    The website touts a 2016 study that is supposed to back up a claim that “medical errors in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are incredibly common, and may now be the third-leading cause of death in the United States.” However when one goes to the referenced article, one is unable to read the pertinent parts of it without subscribing to the Journal. Without understanding how the data is gathered and analyzed one should remain skeptical regarding its conclusions.

    I just cannot accept the current state of hysteria that surrounds the vaccine issue without some solid evidence.

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  2. When diseases that were all but eradicated by vaccines 20 years ago start killing kids again, suddenly we’ll appreciate vaccines. I get being skeptical of profit motives as we all should be. However, memes are not a responsible way to discuss such an important issue that potentially could harm many people, especially as we face a potential Coronavirus pandemic. We need to have responsible conversations about these issues as a community and not politicize them.


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