Tim Grendell vs Matt Rambo…Who’s the Real Republican?

free speech zonethumbs up(LFC wants to expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals perpetrated on the unsuspecting citizens.  This website is also a forum for “News That Others Will Not Print”.  A patriot, Kathy Johnson from Chardon Township, expresses her views on the current race for Juvenile/Probate Judge in Geauga County. )

I just read your Facebook post about Lake County Recorder, Becky Lynch. Bravo! It is high time to expose those candidates who have entered races as newfound Republicans.

We have a similar crossover-type candidate running for Juvenile/Probate Judge against sitting Republican Judge Tim Grendell in the Geauga County Republican primary. I have taken to the keyboard over this and am submitting a letter I recently wrote in favor of Judge Grendell who has been challenged by Matthew Rambo, a candidate with strong Democrat support and who ran as a Democrat for Common Pleas Judge in Geauga County in 2018. Judge Grendell has also been a target of the leftist group “Protect Geauga Parks” for years and they are all about challenger Rambo. Maybe you would consider posting my letter on the Geauga Page of the Lobbyists for Citizens website.

Here is the proof link for the direct quotes I used in my letter. This is still lingering out there on the web from just after the 2018 November election, but could disappear soon: https://www.geaugadems.com/events/matt-rambo-is-our-candidate-for-judge-next-judgeship-up-is-held-by-tim-grendell. And here is the website for Protect Geauga Parks – it is a waving banner for Matt Rambo: https://protectgeaugaparks.us/

Thanks for considering my submission.

Kathy Johnson
Chardon Township, OH 4402
Here is Kathy’s letter:

Tim Grendell letter by Kathy Johnson


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