Local Government Funds…distribution formula outdated…updated 3/19/20

The State of Ohio redistributes funds to the 88 counties in the State.  These distributions are known as “Local Government Funds”. Former Governor Kasich used these funds to create a surplus for the State coffers by short-changing the local governments.

The County receives the funds, and distributes the funds to the various political sub-divisions based on a formula that was developed way back in 1982.  When looking at the numbers you will see that, obviously, the cities flexed their muscles, and are the major benefactors of the distributions.

The growing townships and villages, such as Concord Township, are handed the ‘crumbs’ that are left over.  This must not be allowed to stand.

We wrote the following email to Concord’s Administrator, Andy Rose, and plan to pursue this issue with the Trustees and the County Commissioner candidates running for office in November.  We will see who has a spine to take on this issue!

Hello, Andy:

We have attached the worksheet we received from the Auditor’s office regarding the Local Government Funds.
You probably are aware that the distribution formula for these funds was established in 1982.
We are very concerned that Concord Township, with its tremendous growth in the last decade, is not getting their fair share of the funds.
For example, the Painesville Township Park District received $61,716.95 in 2019, while Concord Township, with 18,201 residents (2010 census) received a paltry $127,828.49.  We contend that it makes no sense for a Park District to receive 48% of what the Township with 18,201 residents gets.
You will also find attached an “Exhibit A” covering the Proposed Alternated Local Government Formula.  Please read the Sunset Clause:
“The alternate formula shall continue for successive periods of five years unless either the county, or the largest city, or 50% of the remaining participants by motion of their legislative bodies prior to January 31st of each fifth year of distribution request that the alternate formula be amended or abolished.”
This reminds us of the outdated formula for the Lake County Financing District that was finally addressed by the Riverside School District.
We would like to know the position of the Concord Trustees on this issue, and what they plan to do to correct the obvious inequities. 

Brian Massie

Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit
UPDATED 3/19/20
Here is the response we received from Andy Rose, Concord Township’s Administrator.

Mr Massie,

                   Thank you for your email.  We are familiar with the 1982 formula and how local government funds (LGF) are distributed within Lake County.  Certainly we would like to receive additional funds.  The ability to do so will require coordination with all the local governments to establish a new formula and criteria for allocating funds.

While we are unsure if a new formula will be considered by all local governments, we will start our discussion regarding this matter with Lake County Officials first.  This will likely take place during the summer when the current COVID-19 situation has passed and we are back to some normalcy.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Andy Rose
Concord Township

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