Lake County Cabal…must have a scorecard to know the players

Well look what we have here…good old Gabe Cicconetti, the faux Republican,  sends out his flyer telling his fellow “Republicans” who to vote for…Nice of him to develop his own slate card.  We wonder if Dale Fellows, Lake County Republican Chairman, gave this a “thumbs up’?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce to you the cabal members of Lake County!

Lake County cabal


Cicconetti jumps on the TRUMP TRAIN, and aligns himself with another cabal member…”Just Politically Correct Dave.   You remember Dave, he is the one that will allow boys and girls in the same locker room..Good ole’ , not in the least bit Conservative, Dave.

Gabe Cicconetti 1 (2)

magical powers
Cicconetti has magical powers…he can turn a Democrat into a Republican by just signing a form….

parting the red sea

…discount if you hear  that he will be parting Lake Erie with his proven leadership…they are just rumors…

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  1. At least Gabe Cicconetti writes his name on his forms “staff writer”. This blog is truly hilarious!

    Hey “staff writer”, just because you type an article it doesn’t make you a journalist!

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