P.S.A. for St. Mary’s Church

(LFC Comments: We are happy to provide a forum to get public service messages out to citizens.  Here is an article submitted to us by Mr. John Plecnik.)

St. Mary’s Church shares its services ONLINE during Social Distancing

Press Release Plecnik

John Plecnik

By former Councilman John Plecnik
St. Mary’s Church in Collinwood is committed to live streaming their Holy Mass every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. until we are all permitted to return to church and our places of worship in person.  St. Mary’s is one of the largest Slovenian Catholic parishes in the United States, and all are welcome to join us in fellowship.
You can log on and watch the weekly service on http://stmaryscollinwood.com/ (Website) or https://www.facebook.com/st.maryscollinwood/ (Facebook Page).
I am personally a parishioner at St. Vitus Church, but I am very grateful to our sister parish of St. Mary’s for making their services available to everyone online.
I know that many other churches, synagogues and places of worship are also sharing their services online.  In addition to inviting you to St. Mary’s, I am writing in the hope that you will share information about your church or synagogue’s online services too!  Please post the information about your online services to Facebook and social media, because you never know who God might use your post to reach.
To quote Judge Matt Lynch, in tough times, we must “Work hard and pray hard”!  God bless you!
St. Mary's Church live stream 2020

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