Activist Judge Ignores Coronavirus Concerns


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( Comments: Who is Judge Michael Barrett, and who appointed him?

Michael Ryan Barrett is a Senior United States District Judge in Ohio. Barrett practiced law for nearly 30 years before he was nominated by President George W. Bush and approved by the Senate to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in 2006. Wikipedia   Thanks for nothing W…another bad decision by W….)


From Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

For Immediate Release
March 31, 2020
Activist Judge, Michael Barrett, Grants Temporary Restraining Order to Allow Abortions in Ohio
 Despite ODH Directives

(Cleveland – OH) After days of intense pressure by the Ohio pro-life community, abortion facilities in Ohio ran to an activist federal judge to ensure that their abortion business would be able to continue to do non-emergency surgical abortions, using equipment that the Ohio Department of Health has deemed essential in the fight against the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. This action once again proves to the community that abortion facilities are not concerned with the health of Ohioans.

Preterm, Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, Women’s Med Group Professional Corporation, and Northeast Ohio Women’s Center were all granted their request for a temporary restraining order to remain open for surgical abortions despite an order from the Ohio Department of Health to cease all non-essential elective surgery. The ODH issued the directive to all ambulatory surgical facilities to preserve life saving personal protective equipment (PPE) during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The restraining order was granted by an activist federal judge, Michael Barrett, the same judge who issued an injunction against the Ohio Heartbeat Bill from taking effect.

“This proves beyond a doubt that these businesses are more concerned with maintaining their lucrative bottom line, than with the safety of their patients and the community at large,” said Molly Smith, President of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio. “By defying the common sense orders of the Ohio Department of Health and running to an activist pro abortion judge, it is now blatantly obvious to all Ohioan that abortion facilities have no concern for Ohio citizens.”

Margie Christie, Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life and past president of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, stated, “The laws regarding ambulatory surgical facilities were put in place by the legislature to protect the citizens of Ohio. Women’s Med Center should be as concerned about the health and safety of their clients as the Ohio Department of Health.”

The Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said yesterday in a prepared statement to  address the issue, “The state of Ohio’s overriding interest is to save lives in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency. That’s the only reason for the Health Department’s order. After consultation with the experts at the Ohio Department of Health, the state of Ohio will take the course of action that will most quickly achieve that goal – be it an emergency appeal, a trial on the preliminary injunction, a more specifically drawn order, or other remedy.”

The Right to Life Action Coalition will continue to cover this situation and will provide updates as they are available.

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