P.S.A. on the Primary Election…Voter Suppression???


Please read this article from the Secretary of State regarding the Primary

Excerpts from the article:
“Today my friends in the legislature did the right thing by extending deadlines and postponing requirements on everything from taxes to school testing, so it’s disappointing that they’ve instead chosen to significantly reduce the time provided for Ohio to bring this primary to a close.”


  • The Ohio Secretary of State must design, print and mail approximately 7.8 million informational postcards to every registered Ohioan that explains to them how to obtain the form necessary to request an absentee ballot.
  • Based on preliminary estimates from prospective vendors, it is expected that these postcards will reach registered voters in the second week of April.
  • Voters who want to cast a ballot must then either print out an absentee ballot request form themselves or call their county board and ask for one to be sent to them.
  • Voters must then affix their own postage and send the request to their county board of elections.
  • Boards must then process the request, print the ballot and send it to the voter.
  • Each voter must receive their ballot, cast their vote, and return the ballot in a postage-paid envelope, postmarked by April 27th.”

(LFC Comment: In our opinion, they should have been more direct and said that this is the only way that you can vote in the Primary Election.)

Here is a link to our previous post on information from the Lake County Election Board’s website.


They make is crystal clear: 

“The 2020 Ohio Primary will be conducted by mail in absentee ballot.”


Now let’s take a look at what Governor DeWine has posted about House Bill 197 that just past dealing with the Coronavirus issue:


Excerpt from the article dated March 27, 2020:

“(COLUMBUS, Ohio)— Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today signed House Bill 197 which provides emergency relief to Ohioans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill:

  • Waives state testing requirements for school children this year.
  • Extends professional licenses for those who cannot get them renewed.
  • Allows local governments to hold public meetings remotely and with transparency.
  • Extends the income tax deadline to July 15, 2020.
  • Extends absentee voting by mail until April 28, 2020.
  • Provides funding for small businesses, such as day cares and services for the disabled.”


From the Governor’s summary would you know that the primary election will ONLY be done by absentee voting????


We sent the following email to Ross McDonald, Executive Director of the Lake County Election Board:


We have posted information that we found on the Election Board’s website about the Primary being moved to April 28th, and voting will be by absentee ballot only.
We are VERY concerned that Lake County citizens do not know about this.
Can you provide any details that we can share with Lake County residents on why the voting date has been changed to April 28th?
What is the date that a political sub-division must submit an issue to the Elections Board to appear on the November ballot?
We read the Secretary of State’s website, and cannot believe what is happening.  Something does not seem right to us.
Thank you,

Brian Massie

Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit
(LFC Comment: Stay tuned.  We will keep everyone posted when we hear from  Mr. McDonald)
Ross McDonald Board of Elections

Ross McDonald

We have heard from Ross McDonald, and we were given the following information:
1  The Lake County Elections Board will start working seven days a week starting on Sunday, April 5, 2020.  There has never been an all paper ballot election.
2.  Those voters that have access to the Internet, and have a printer can print out an application form for their absentee ballot.
     All other voters may request the application form:  They will gladly mail you a form. Simply call 440-350-2700.
3. If you do not want to mail the application, you can use the Outside Mail Drop Box at the Lake County Administration Building in Painesville.
4. A correction – All absentee ballots mailed to the voters will have the postage prepaid.  So no need to worry about getting stamps to mail the ballot back to the Elections Board.  Again, you can use the Outside Mail Drop Box.
5.  There will be voting by machine at the Election Board office on April 28th for only special voters:
      A. For those voters that cannot receive mail
      B. For those voters with special disabilities, such as those with limited eyesight.
6. The August Special Election will be held on August 4, 2020, and the filing deadline for political subdivisions (read: public school districts) to get their levy on the ballot is May 6, 2020.

7. The November General Election will be held on November 4, 2020, and the filing deadlines for political subdivisions to get their levy on the ballot is August 5, 2020.

pointing fingers image 2

(LFC Comments:  We just cannot let this obvious fact go unnoticed.   If a school levy fails to pass in the primary on 4/28, a school district will have the opportunity to file by May 6th to have their levy placed on the August 4th special election ballot!

When you have a very strong lobbying group, such as the public school lobby, (paid with taxpayer funds), you can influence a lot of legislators in the State legislature to get your preferred primary election date to meet your overall agenda.  Special elections historically have low turnouts, and therefore the school district has a better chance of passing their levy.

You  may think we are cynical, but that does not mean we are not right.)

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  1. I keep wondering why they chose this option. There has to be a reason.

  2. Sadly most will not request a ballot and then fill it out to vote. Local issues should have been pushed back to when normal voting can happen .. This process is to complicated and most won’t bother voting.

  3. We would suggest reaching out to friends and relatives in the W-E school district to inform them about the change in the law.

  4. I hope that all the Taxpayers in the Willoughy Eastlake School district gets their vote in. As we can see what’s happening with peoples lives and incomes in today’s world. Anything is possible to happen to off set ones Life. Hopefully the state can see that reaching into taxpayers income to fund our districts School is not the way to run a district. Now the State should look at the way they find public schools and change it.


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