Does Life Have Any Value?…not to some people

  “It’s A Matter of Life…”

Written by “Anonymous One”

In Ohio, a stop to all elective surgeries and medical procedures has been ordered to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical providers and hospital beds.

Abortions are elective procedures.

The abortion cartel, which includes political leaders and abortion mill owners howled in protest as they defied the order. They continue to operate as the battle is waged in the courts.

One side values all human life and the other values none, including heath care workers who desperately need the protective equipment and those victims of the Corona virus who need beds.

We might ask, “How did this change in our values come about?” The value of life has not changed, our culture has. We must turn from being a culture of death to one that values life. When life is not valued inside the womb, it will not be valued outside the womb.

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