Cognitive Dissonance & Pedophilia…Must See Video

One of the missions of Lobbyists for Citizens is to expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals being played on average citizens by politicians, bureaucrats and the “celebrities” with privileged status in our society.  We believe that we are not only in a cultural war, but a spiritual war as well.  It is imperative that we shed light on the forces of darkness in this world.  Evil works in incremental steps, and will consume us if not confronted and defeated.

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We have been curious why people “turn a blind eye”, or use the expression “conspiracy theory” when confronted with a narrative that is counter to their current beliefs, moral standards, and not mentioned or covered by their preferred source of information – the main stream media.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “cognitive dissonance’? Here is a website that explains this psychological condition:

Cognitive dissonance is basically this phenomenon whereby we have a natural drive for consistency, in that our belief system must be consistent with itself and it must be consistent with our actions”

“…humans prefer to live in a stable world, in which beliefs are consistent with one another and actions align with beliefs. So when you fall out of that perfect harmony and either think or act in opposition to your belief system, tension builds and you become distressed. That distress is called dissonance.”

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When we cannot believe that pure evil exists in our world, and that celebrities that we admire, or the politicians that we have put on a pedestal participate in that evil, then we will turn away, call it a conspiracy, and go back to our everyday life – unwilling to accept the reality. We shut down because it is in opposition to our belief system.  The new reality just cannot be true!

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This recently released documentary on pedophilia in Hollywood and in our political arena will absolutely shock those that have not been paying attention.   Ladies and gentlemen, we have been living in the “matrix”, an illusion created some very evil and influential people.   A storm is coming…



As a side bar, the phrase “conspiracy theory” was coined by the C.I.A. after the John Kennedy assassination.  Of course, the C.I.A., those stalwarts of honesty, truth, and the American way, would never deceive the average citizen, right?. By the way, Oswald never fired a shot!

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  1. Thank you for this LFC. I just finished watching the video. The theme I keep seeing throughout is that GOVERNMENT officials if not outright involved are looking the other way. They are doing nothing. Cindy McCain, she has an organization that is supposed to help abused women and children…she was married to a United States Senator, the “war hero” John McCain…she ADMITS THEY ALL KNEW WHAT EPSTEIN WAS DOING…and yet they did NOTHING!!!!???

    So statistically, and critical thinking speaking, do you think there is human trafficking and pedophilia going on in Lake County? How would we know? Do you think the Fake News Herald would break that story? I mean you guys PROVED that the Port Authority was guilty of nonfeasance or outright illegality by trying to avoid competitive bidding. Did the Fake News Herald print anything about that?

    Did the local government do anything about the Better Flip fiasco? No. Not only did they treat you with disdain and make fun of you in Commissioners meetings on the record, they reappointed the same board members that were guilty of nonfeasance over the Better Flip. So you have to ask yourself, if they were willing to ignore the Better Flip corruption, and we are only talking $100K, then make no mistake…our local officials are ignoring MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more…which should be absolutely concerning to every Lake County citizen.

    I’m betting that A LOT of corruption, illegality and even some things that were depicted in the above video are going on right under our noses here too…and authorities and government hacks are DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They ignore the people and do what they want. I wonder how many of our local officials are compromised somehow? Are there pictures that some do not wish to come out? You think this is only going on in D.C? Then you’d be wrong. So how long before the good guys in local government stand up for the people and more specifically protecting our children. ARE there any good guys in government now? How long before the press actually does its job? I’m betting you are actually the real news now.

    These useless politicians all line up in times of crisis to deliver this and that to charities…and all the photo-ops galore…kind of tugs on the old heart strings don’t it? Joyce and Cirino delivering hams and chocolate bunnies…awwwwwww shuckems. I’ve seen a lot of that during this COVID-19 crisis. It is funny to watch guys like Cirino and Joyce PRETEND to give a crap about the people. When it comes down to brass tax…they ALWAYS do what they are told by their handlers…or their own selfish agenda (remember some of these Satanists are willing participants like the former gospel singer Katie Perry). They care not for you. They never have…and they never will. Stop believing their lies.


  2. I also watched the video. The information presented is disturbing and very likely it is quite accurate. This does not take me by total surprise, but certainly reinforces the need to prayerfully and consistently engage in the mission before us. It is beyond time for the people to take a stand!


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