S.O.S. Postcard…call to action

Everyone should have received a postcard similar to this by U.S. mail.  If you have not voted yet, please following the instructions on the postcard to get your application for a ballot.

We wrote the following article about the change in the March 17th election covered in the H.B. 197: https://lobbyistsforcitizens.com/2020/04/06/h-b-197-what-is-it-all-about/

Please remember to tell your friends and relatives that you will only be able to vote in Ohio’s primary election by absentee ballot,  The completed ballots must be postmarked no later than April 28, 2020.


thumbs down image

Unfortunately, the decisions made by our elected officials at the State House, both the Executive and Legislative Branch, have been woefully inadequate in their decision making.  The Legislative Branch allowed the Executive Branch to usurp their authority to make the decisions on setting the dates.  It is our opinion that the election could have been held on June 2nd, but it appears that the school lobbyists got their wish to make April 28th as the final election date.  If their school levy fails, they will now have enough time to refile for the special August election.

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