An Acceptable Way to Die

(LFC Comments:  Thanks to Warren Edstrom of Knox County for this article.)

An Acceptable Way To Die

There is something very odd about all the hysteria over the Covid 19/Corona virus Pandemic. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it right away, but then it dawned on me. It’s acceptable to die from all other causes including, violence, war, self-inflicted abuse and disease. These deaths don’t illicit the panicked response we see with this covid 19 thing.

Let’s look at some statistics. In 2018:
Drug Overdoses (Illegal) 67,000
Suicide 50,000
Alcohol Abuse 88,000
Diabetes 83,000
Prescription Drugs 240,000
Medical Malpractice 190,000
Cancer 606,000
Heart Disease Half of all deaths
Abortion Approximately 750,000 to 1 million

How much have we spent trying to stop these deaths? What has the Federal and State
Government done to alleviate these deaths? Where is the emergency? Or don’t these people count. The war on drugs has been a miserable failure. Where is the call to deal with our mental health emergency? Federal and state governments have shut down most mental institutions under the guise of increasing the self-esteem of the mentally ill. This spawned the homeless crisis and increased the number of suicides. Mass shootings in schools and else were also dramatically increased at this time but we still refuse to
address this issue.

We not only have large amounts of people dying from alcohol abuse but we are now legalizing formally illegal drugs causing more social upheaval and misery.  Then there are the deaths caused by our medical industry. Where’s the outcry to reign in these deaths.

The legal profession makes millions each year on law suites suing doctors and
pharmaceutical companies. The American Bar Association is one of the largest donors to
politicians and lawyers make up approximately 40% of our politicians.

Where is the call to spend trillions of dollars to cure diabetes which kills tens of thousands every year and causes untold suffering for those afflicted with it? Ditto for cancer. So why is it socially acceptable to die from all these other causes and not from this covid 19 virus?

The more data we see the more it seems like this is not a pandemic but more like a scam-
demic. We have never risked destroying our economy and creating so much social upheaval in our history, and based on flawed computer models that are being promoted by so many people with political agendas, including the press, politicians and some in the healthcare sector.

Will any of these people admit to being wrong? It reminds me of something my father used to say about folks who refused to deal with reality. “Often wrong, but never in doubt”.  Another possibility might be that this is being used by some for their own purposes. It’s been said that the way to get people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do or accept, is to make them angry or afraid. It looks like it’s working.

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