Free Ohio Now Condemns Media Coverage

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(LFC Comments: The main stream media reporters continue to display their leftist/socialist agenda.  Governor DeWine should consider them as “non-essential” workers.)

Free Ohio Now defends the Bill of Rights for every Ohioan against local and state government  overreach by advocating freedom and personal responsibility

For Immediate Release: April 28, 2020

Free Ohio Now Condemns Mainstream Media Coverage of Ohio Statehouse Protest

Columbus, OH– Free Ohio Now was one of the groups which participated in the protest at the Ohio Statehouse on Saturday, April 18, 2020. What a great gathering of patriots with whom we were privileged to join to make our voices heard!

It is extremely disconcerting that chose to publish an inflammatory article by Laura Hancock concentrating her coverage of the April 18, 2020 Statehouse protest on a very few obvious infiltrators, including one who was holding a disgusting anti-Semitic sign! In a separate, and somewhat more balanced article, Laura Hancock used a photograph of a single person stationed on a corner apart from the main protest who held a sign depicting a Nazi flag.

These few individuals were clearly outsiders and a fringe element among hundreds of decent, patriotic Ohio citizens who attended a gathering to exercise their Constitutional rights, to express their righteous grievances with the shutdown of commerce in Ohio, and to make known reasonable demands of Governor DeWine that the Ohio economy be immediately reopened to save Ohio businesses and families’ livelihoods.

By publishing a biased article which denigrated the large group of mainstream American protesters,, in typical mainstream media fashion, egregiously chose to typify and categorize the Ohioans who gathered to exercise the right to free speech (even by those with whom we fervently disagree). Reporter Laura Hancock selected one despicable sign and one Nazi symbol and used those images wrongly to typify patriotic Ohioans.

Free Ohio Now is certain that practically all of the concerned Ohioans who attended the April 18 protest have disdain for swastikas, totally reject images that portray Jews as rats, and do not appreciate defining Ohioans by that kind of fringe signage.

Laura Hancock’s dismissive and outrageous statement that: “the anti-Semitism might drown out all their messages” is an insult to the integrity and intentions of the decent Ohio citizens who have the right and duty to protest!

Free Ohio Now does commend and appreciate the reporting and integrity of Breitbart News reporter, Kyle Olson, in his coverage of the April 18 event. Kyle Olson, captured the true intent of the protest on video and gave individuals an opportunity to voice their comments and concerns.

Free Ohio Now was a co-organizer of the subsequent “Open Ohio Now” rally on Saturday, April 25, 2020 which was attended by up to 1,000 Ohioans gathered before the steps on the west side of the Ohio Statehouse and many vehicles surrounding the Statehouse. A full slate of well-received speakers emphatically expressed the unified message that Ohio’s economy must immediately and fully resume based on real data and Constitutional governance.

The very few subversive individuals with signage apart from the spirit of the April 25 rally, and who clearly sought photographic coverage, were effectively and peacefully isolated and their language exposed as divergent from the intent of the rally.

Free Ohio Now will continue to come together on the front lines of the immediate battle to reopen Ohio, and in the longer battle to ensure that Constitutional governance will prevail in the State of Ohio. In the near-term, Free Ohio Now encourages daily citizen in-person engagement at the Ohio Statehouse to remind Governor DeWine that We the People are speaking directly to him!

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