Liberals are ramping up their tyranny

This is a very bad sign…removing people from their homes?

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  1. Anyone allowing their kid to be removed from their own home for COVID-19…pray you see them again. I would never do that. The Jews willingly jumped on the trains…you know…for their own safety. See how well that worked out for them? This is really scary people.

    So do you still think you are free? When the churches sold us out and caved on the state mandated marriage license (I thought only SLAVES had to ask permission to get married)…they helped the STATE get involved in your marriage…and ANYTHING that is produced by that marriage…YOUR CHILDREN.

    THIS WAS A HUGE SIN…because the church helped the government, OR MAN, to put asunder what GOD hath brought together. Very bad folks…it is why we are where we are.

    There is a reason the organized church is dying…they sold out their flocks long ago to the STATE. There is no black robed brigade this time…as you can see they are not defying the government at all…have you in your life ever seen your local church CLOSED ON EASTER SUNDAY?

    Wake up and smell the tyranny. The people are going to have to do this…our local government political hacks do not have our backs.


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