Freedoms, Liberties and Our Choices

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(LFC Comments:  We provide a forum for concerned citizens to express themselves on current issues.  We say BRAVO to the Columbus lobbyist.)


Written by Columbus Lobbyist
May 8, 2020

Our ancestors stood up for what they believed was right and fought for our freedoms and liberties. You and I have enjoyed these freedoms because of their courage. Today most people prefer to bury their heads in the sand, rather than pay attention to what’s happening. People believe that watching the news keeps them up-to-date. Unfortunately, this is not true. The news is monitored and controlled by government as well as influential industries. This means you only see what’s allowed. A good way to look at it is … the news is “photoshopped” so it looks better and alters what you believe.

What problems has this Covid-19 pandemic caused? Hmmm, let’s take our heads out of the sand and look around for a minute.

  • Extreme unemployment has (and continues) to occur. Are we headed for a recession or, God forbid, another great depression because we didn’t think things through?
  • Medical problems are rising because of the stay-at-home orders. These can include depression, suicide, insomnia, substance abuse, anxiousness, etc. I’m sure this makes the pharmaceutical industry happily jump up and down since these problems equate to more selling of drugs.
  • Our constitutional liberties are quickly being taken away. I recently read that a Governor in Michigan banned neighbors from visiting each other, gardening, or doing home improvements. I can understand how visiting neighbors could be a problem if it’s a difficult area, but what does gardening or taking paint cans out of your garage to paint shutters have to do with anything? There are many more occurrences like this that you won’t know about unless you dig a little deeper and do your own research.
  • Vaccination ~ There are many unanswered questions. Question #1: Is a vaccine really going to resolve the problem or cause a myriad of new health problems? Question #2: Should a vaccine be forced upon people who don’t want it? Allowing this would certainly start a path toward losing other freedoms. Question #3: Does the vaccine industry care about you and your family, or is this really about making money? (I think we all know the answer to that one.)

Covid-19 is contagious, but so is the flu. Corona viruses have been around forever. It’s the beginning of May and according to a CDC website, only 44,000 deaths have occurred in the United States. Picture three people standing side-by-side. Person #1 is sick, but #2 & #3 are well. P2 & P3 make the choice to visit P1 to show they care and be supportive. Let’s say P1 recovers, P2 gets sick after, but P3 (who has a strong immune system) is not affected and continues on with daily life. P2 (who wasn’t the one sick to begin with) eventually dies. It’s sad, but it’s a result of choices made. They key is: It’s the result of that person’s choices. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or how old you are, your life is affected by the choices you make. An individual is responsible for their actions, but not for what is forced upon them.

We live in a free country where people don’t want to be controlled. Stand up for what you believe, stay safe, and be well. Take time to read about how to keep your immune system strong. It works hard for your health. We are at a crossroads America!

Signed, Eagle Eyes

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