Truth and Common Sense…

Truth and Common Sense – Where Have They Gone?

Searching for the TRUTH

Many years ago a citizen realized that we were being told lies, being deceived and betrayed by our “leaders”.   The citizen searched in vain for the truth that proved to be very elusive.   The citizen ultimately discarded the notion that there is “your truth” and “my truth”.  That proved only to be another deception.

The citizen became amazed that fellow citizens felt more at ease with the comforting lies being told to them by the media, rather than deal with the harsh realities of the uncomfortable truths.  The “useful idiots” willingly accepted the propaganda from their tribe, and seemingly lost their ability to discern the truth.

The citizen was initially naive thinking the answer to society’s problems was to be found in the political arena.  However, the citizen came to know that the TRUTH is spiritual and Biblical.  The TRUTH is that evil works in incremental steps – sometimes so imperceptibly slow to avoid being recognized by the unwitting, uniformed citizen.  The TRUTH is if we destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse!

The TRUTH is our church leadership must return to the battlefield by preaching the revealed Word of God, and stop conforming to the ever changing cultural mores of today’s society.  Finally, our citizens must recognize the need for a spiritual revival, or we will not reverse our slide into the abyss of darkness.

Signed “Just an Average Citizen”

We Mourn the Passing of Common Sense

Wish we knew who to credit for writing the following article.  We are sure the we could add a few more reasons why Common Sense passed away right before our eyes.

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2 replies

  1. Bravo!!! Well done. BOLDY QUESTION EVERYTHING. It is our duty.


  2. Great article. Not only loss in common sense in politics but in city’s and schools and every facet of life. Darn shame digging for the truth is so hard to achieve when common sense is lacking in everyday life, and lies and deception seems to rule rampantly !.


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