DeWine Article Prompts a Response

(LFC Comments:  We received the following email about the DeWine article dealing with H.B. 166.  We thank the citizen for taking the time to write to us.)

Original article link:

Email from a concerned citizen:

Thank you for your time.

Recently, I believe I saw an article talking about HB-166, Dewine’s budget proposal submitted in March of 2019.

In the article it highlighted that the original bill included text that would have permitted Dewine to declare an emergency by fiat.

The article further mentioned that it would have permitted this to be done without legislative oversight. (HA HA HA, yeah, because the State Legislators have done such a “GREAT” job of standing up to Dewine’s illegal and unconstitutional orders.)

However, I was reviewing the bill mentioned (as Introduced) and while I did find the language mentioned, it does permit the State Legislation to pass a resolution ending the emergency. The only troubling part was the requirement that “the governor declare the emergency over as soon as practical.” This language means that the governor could arguably declare that it is not “practical” for as long as he wanted.

I am glad it was not passed as submitted, but I find it troubling that a bill for a budget would include such additional legislation.

I understand that it may have been pulled as a result of the ambiguity between the bill — which didn’t grant blanket authority to Dewine — and the article — which seemed focused on the part where he was granted the authority to declare an emergency without going to the state legislators first; but I think it highlights important problems with the state legislature.

Why is the governor even permitted to propose legislation? He is not a legislator and should not be submitting any sort of legislation.

Why is a bill on the budget full of laws and regulations that have nothing to do with the allocation of funds?

Why is such an atrocious state of affairs tolerated?


(LFC Comments:  Our response is that the overwhelming majority of citizens have not been paying attention to the antics of our elected officials and the bureaucrats, but that is changing, slowly but surely. 

As we have said before, the current makeup of the Republican Party will not save our Republic. Not enough of them have a spine to buck their leadership and defend the citizens.  As long as they get re-elected they are good with the status quo.  Case in point: Has anyone seen or heard from Senator Rob Portman?  We have heard of more Big Foot sightings than any word from this feckless leader.

At least the Democrats fight for their immoral causes. Unfortunately, the Democrat leaders  want to “burn it all down”  and rebuild the country similar to the European Socialist/Communist model with an overpowering federal government controlling the lives of average citizens.

You think that is not possible?  You just have to be aware what is happening in our own State and the country.  The powerful elites will want to control your lives for your own “safety and security”.  They have learned a lot to date about what level of tyranny the average citizen will accept.

Watch for their attempts to force mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in  order for you to participate in society. They are following the Chinese model of tyranny by technology)

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