Vaccinations…CDC Solution?…get rid of whites


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We could not believe that we heard this correctly. However, after listening multiple times, we see that these “useful idiots” are in powerful positions to control our lives.  This took place in 2009, but remember evil works in incremental steps, and nothing happens without someone wanting it to happen.

So you think it cannot happen?  We will be publishing more about vaccinations.  The powerful elites are “setting the table” right now.  Without effective representation at the local, state and federal levels, the average citizen is at the mercy of these power-hungry bureaucrats.

We will have more on Bill Gates, and his goal of population control.  Their “big picture” is universal vaccinations, and a “passport” showing that you have been vaccinated.  Without a  “passport”, then you will be considered a pariah in society, unable to function.  

Do not be surprised when Hollywood, leftists on TV and the main stream media, aka “fake news”, are carrying the water for mandatory vaccinations and trying  to demonize everyone that doesn’t have the required “passport”.

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  1. Get rid of whites??? What are you talking about?

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