Wickliffe Public Schools…quite a legacy for Joe Spiccia

Thanks to a Wickliffe lobbyist for this information received from the Wickliffe School Superintendent, Mr. Joe Spiccia.

Here are some records sent by Mr. Spiccia:


Wickliffe Committee Bond Campaign Talking Points



After reviewing the records, we have the following comments and questions:

We have to wonder if Mr. Spiccia and his steering committee would rethink their position based on our “new normal” in public education.   Should they put their plans “on hold” until the State of Ohio Board of Education issues any new mandates for public education?  For example, if children are to be taught two days a week at school and three  days at home, would that change the school’s building plans?

We were wondering if they need to spend $796,000 for a storm shelter, $4.4 million for a 500 seat auditorium, and $1.1 million for the turf in the new stadium.  When the enrollment is projected to be 1,223 student, but declining, the expenditures seem questionable.  We have come a long way from teaching the 3 R’s.

Since the State of Ohio has recently announced reduced funding for public schools, will the State of Ohio still provide the 18% of the project costs that was mentioned in the presentation to the public?

Dog Wont Hunt image

To the Wickliffe senior citizens that will have their world turned upside down because of the increased property taxes, some may even have to sell their homes, you may want to ask Mr. Spiccia if he wants this project to be his legacy.  Do not let them tell you that a new school will increase your property values.  That “dog won’t hunt” anymore!


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  1. Maybe but some live on a fix budget you will see when it is your time. Remember the senior built this City. And this City sure has gone down hill in the last ten years or so. The last 2 Mayors ran it in to the ground.

  2. If you have more than enough saved for new schools put in a little more for the rest of us.

  3. Maybe it’s true.

  4. This is the same insensitive comment that the Willoughby Eastlake Superintendent made about his seniors.

  5. Hmmmm…didn’t they prepare for retirement?

  6. Property taxes are pricing seniors out of their homes. Just ask some Wickliffe seniors.

  7. Why would this upend senior citizens?

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