Wickliffe’s New School…a Taj Mahal

[LFC Comments:  We thank a Wickliffe lobbyist for this article.) Here is a News-Herald article dated November 19, 2019 that discusses the passage of the Wickliffe School District property tax levy: https://www.news-herald.com/news/elections/wickliffe-schools-levy-bond-issue-approved-by-voters/article_dfbded24-0041-11ea-8598-7fcecec07574.html Excerpts from the article: “The $60 million bond… Read More ›

Wickliffe Public Schools…quite a legacy for Joe Spiccia

Thanks to a Wickliffe lobbyist for this information received from the Wickliffe School Superintendent, Mr. Joe Spiccia. Here are some records sent by Mr. Spiccia: WCSDFacilitiesPresentation053019_revised[1] Wickliffe Committee Bond Campaign Talking Points WCSDFacilitiesPresentation053019_revised[1] Wickliffe_City_Lake_ELPP_Draft_MP_2_12_04_18 After reviewing the records, we have… Read More ›

Wickliffe has a budget shortfall…….tax levy on November ballot

Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for this News-Herald article on Wickliffe’ s budget shortfall. https://www.news-herald.com/news/lake-county/wickliffe-mayor-john-barbish-hosts-town-hall-meeting/article_ed443676-bced-11e8-9a08-17fae9982dd2.html Makes one wonder how long this budget crisis was known…..property taxes are about to go up for citizens. The mayor is realizing that there can be… Read More ›

Proposed Wickliffe Property Tax Increase….it is a killer for seniors on fixed incomes!!!

Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for the “heads up” on a proposed Wickliffe school board property tax increase. http://www.news-herald.com/general-news/20180630/wickliffe-school-board-reconsiders-options-for-future-building-needs?source=most_viewed We need to get the word out to our friends in Wickliffe.  The proposal is for 6.49 mill increase. Remember our calculations… Read More ›

Lake County Community Info….thanks to Kim

A big thanks to Kim Collise for this handy website guide for Lake County residents: Lake County Ohio Community Information 2017: ************************************************************************ Concord Township website:      http://www.concordtwp.com Elected Officials: http://www.concordtwp.com/Elected-Officials-Staff-Contacts Meetings Guide: http://www.concordtwp.com/Township-Government/Public-Meetings Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/ConcordTownshipLakeCounty Twitter:      https://twitter.com/concordtwplake Events Calendar: … Read More ›