Wickliffe School Levy…will bankrupt seniors

pulling back the curtain

Thanks to a Wickliffe lobbyist for this information found on the Wickliffe School website….Wickliffe residents will be asked to vote on November 5th for a outrageous 10.97 mill levy.  It will cost $383.95 per year per $100,000 valuation. [They will need to earn $1,279.83 for their HAT ($383.95 / .3)]

Here are some comments from a Wickliffe resident to their school superintendent.  He probably is speaking for many of the seniors in the community:

“What provision have you made for senior  citizens who cannot pay any more taxes. Are you going to reduce our school tax if this passes? .

Why have you not notified every Wickliffe resident with a mailer and website.
When are you going to post the whole plan and the mailers for us “shut in’s”to read.

The retirees and “shut ins” did not even know about this $60 million bond issue until we read it in the Wickliffe Connection last month.

I, and other seniors, do not want the increased taxes this will cost us too much and we may lose our homes.   Have you even considered that in you equation ? . Your answer to question #8 is a joke. Tax us out of our houses and then we can come visit the new school and hang out!”…..signed Wickliffe resident

Here are questions and answers lifted from the schools website: (Take a look at #8)

you decide

Wow, the Wickliffe Mayor is supporting this boondoogle of a levy.  Wickliffe seniors may want to remember this next time the Mayor is up for election.  Mayor_letter

(LFC Comment: Another disturbing trend in public education is the fact that the schools want to become “community centers”, thereby expanding their roles within the community.  It is our opinion that this is being done to ensure the viability of the schools when their student enrollment is declining.  Another disturbing trend is the teaching of “working in teams”. It appears that they are discouraging individual thinking and replacing it with the safe, secure group approach.

We are going to explore the possibility of all property taxes to be “means tested” – meaning that the annual income of the homeowner is considered in the calculation.)


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