Lakeland Community College…can they be anymore clueless?

We just received this information about the future plans of Lakeland Community College from one of our many Kirtland lobbyists:  IMG_7499

Notice the blurb on student housing – the cost will be $3,605.00 per semester.  It is interesting that the Dean states that the planning costs will be recovered when the financing is complete.  This must be the new math that they are teaching these days.  So if you get your money back because you have rolled it into the financing of the project, and then pay it back over time that is now considered cost recovery…..Wow, seriously guys,  that is embarrassing and really dumb!  You  are also circumventing the law by having another entity own the dorms.  However, you will get away with it because we have County Commissioners that have gone “nose blind” to the stench.

Be sure to read the paragraph on their budget…..this is another example of bureaucrats losing total touch with the citizens in the community that are paying for their overpriced salaries and benefits.   

“The Board and Dr. Beverage are staring to think about the upcoming levy and what options we many want to consider for renewing or shifting to a continual levy.”

hindenberg image 2

Note to the Board and Dr. Beverage – please try to renew your levy and make it continuous.  Please, please do that…we are almost begging you to try it.  The levy will go down faster than the Hindenburg!!  And if you think the renewal levy is a “slam dunk”… think again.


game on 2

We will fight every new or renewal levy that LCC places on the ballot.

We will fight you in the senior centers, in your board room and in your empty hallways, if we must.

We will rally seniors in every part of the county to expose your excessive spending that has gone on far too long.

There is a new day dawning in our country and in Lake County.  We are NOT going to let you tax seniors out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

The property tax piggy-bank is now closed for all Lake County political sub-divisions until further notice.  We are tapped out, and are not going to take it any more.

Do not take us lightly…..

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  3. These people have no shame at all. Just like the school bond and tax levy’s. Tax us out of our shorts and then send us to goodwill for slightly used ones. L.C.C. How long do you think the public taxpayers can stand these outright gouges? . Let the people who go to your institution pay all the increased costs you THINK you need but do not. Less and less students means you try to gouge us the taxpayer. If your students cannot afford this collage ,CLOSE the doors.

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