Wickliffe’s New School…a Taj Mahal

[LFC Comments:  We thank a Wickliffe lobbyist for this article.)

Here is a News-Herald article dated November 19, 2019 that discusses the passage of the Wickliffe School District property tax levy:

Excerpts from the article:

“The $60 million bond issue will be spread across 37 years. The 0.5-mill levy covers the ongoing expenditures of maintaining the new building.

Together, the levy and bond will cost residents $410.01 annually per every $100,000 of property valuation, according to the Lake County Auditor’s Office.”

[LFC Comments: The article does not state the total mills required to pay for this school.  However, we can determine that by this calculation:  $410.01 / $35.00 = 11.715 mills.  That is a huge levy!  And most of the current residents will not see the end of the 37 year bond issue.  In our opinion, this is a questionable legacy for Superintendent Joe Spicca – pricing seniors out of their homes!]

Here is the formal presentation made to the public: (this is a Powerpoint presentation)
WCSDFacilitiesPresentation053019_revised[1] (1)

From the presentation we found the project cost summary:

Project Cost Summary:
Construct New PK-12 Facility on HS Site:        $ 45,026,767
Abate / Demo Wickliffe ES, MS & HS:                 $ 2,856,154
2.9% Escalation for Market Conditions             $ 1,379,904
Additional Academic/Athletic SF                        $ 6,000,000
Relocate Baseball Field                                            $ 440,000
500 seat Auditorium                                             $ 4,400,000
Turf at the Stadium                                              $ 1,100,000
Project Cost                                                           $61,202,825
District Construction Budget Funds in place  ($1,202,826)
Total Project Ballot Cost                                      $59,999,999

Here is Mr. Joe Spicca’s response to a records request:

Attached are the most recent schematic designs. The schematic design process is slated to be complete by the end of June so there may be some changes in the coming weeks. The formal cost estimation process begins once the designs are complete and the estimators have them. Estimations will include furnishings and other items you have requested.

We opted not to include the storm shelter. The safety elements of the building are a priority and we will be working with local safety forces and consultants on the security and safety plan.

Thank you,
Joe Spiccia

Here are the engineering drawings for the first and second floor along with the sports facilities.

19114 200521 FIRST FLOOR – 24X36

19114 200521 SECOND FLOOR 24X36


[LFC Comments: So at least a $60 million expenditure for a new school although the final costs are still being determined.  We hope that when they present the final figures that they include the bond interest costs for the project so that the taxpayers can see the grand total costs.

We thought we should remind everyone about the declining enrollment at the Wickliffe schools.   We researched the Cupp Reports to verify the enrollment numbers.

The average enrollment for the Wickliffe District in 2006 was 1,525.  In 2019, the enrollment was 1,348.  This reflects a drop in students of 177 students or 11.6%.  

To recap, Wickliffe school officials determined that it was acceptable to spend $60 million for a new school that has a declining enrollment.  Well, at least they took out the $800,000 storm shelter!]

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4 replies

  1. I am glad to share the new k-12 school schematics and layout to the Wickliffe residents to see the new school. I have been very vocal as I think the new school is being WAY overbuilt and could not get cooperative information about the build before the 11/04/2019 bond vote.
    I am trying to get as much information as possible from Mr Spiccia and he has been very good about it. I am awaiting the costs per unit and to furnish the new school and what furnishings that will be saved and reused. I am hoping this information will be forthcoming soon.
    If the total estimates and schematics would have been shared from the beginning I feel we could have built a great school more in line with our current student body. The bond issue passed so it will be interesting to follow the progress. Thank you Mr. Spiccia and Wickliffe residents. John Steven


  2. How exciting for the community!


  3. Anonymous why not quit hiding and post your name?. Yes exciting for those who will be left with a home but not so exciting for the fixed income and poor who are now paying for this overbuilt palace. Did you even bother to look at the schematics?. Remember 1300 students now and declining. This school is overbuilt and the site would serve triple the 1300 students. WHY with the new sky high taxes it has created was the school so overbuilt. Do you really think ANYBODY will buy in Wickliffe now with one or the highest taxes in lake county. Gee maybe those with deep pockets will buy but far and few.


  4. It’s better than sinking money into outdated buildings. Two schools vs one.


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