Wickliffe Schools…draining the lifeblood out of their seniors

Thanks to one of our many Wickliffe lobbyists for this letter from the Wickliffe School Board.

wickliffe school mailer

Let’s check their math:

11.47 mills x $35.00 = $401.45 per $100,000 valuation per year
$401.45 / 12 = $33.45 per month  thumbs up

For those that get the homestead exemption:

11.47 x ($35.00 x .75) = $301.08  per $100,000 market valuation per year
$301.08 / 12 = $25.09 per month  thumbs up

Let’s take it to the next level, shall we:
Market Value w/o Homestead Ex.:  $100,000        $200,000      $300,000        $400,000
Increase per Year                                   $301.08          $602.16         $803.24         $1,204.32

Annual Increase in Income Needed
To Meet the HAT % (Inc. / 30%)       $1,003.60       $2,007.20       $2,677.46         $4,014.40

Remember the Housing Affordability Threshold says that if you add your mortgage, utilities, and property taxes, and their total equals 30% or more of your annual income then the house is deemed unaffordable for you.

You would divide the increase in annual taxes by your own personal HAT % and that equals the annual income that you need to avoid creeping closer to the 30% level.  The numbers shown above are the minimum annual income needed to pay the taxes if you are already at the 30% level.

Here are some questions you may wish to ask the school officials:

(1)  If the levy passes and the State gives them the $8.6 million will those savings be passed back to the taxpayers.

(2)  Are there any “double dippers” [getting their pension and salary], and who receives the “pick-up” [employer pays employee portion of their pension]?

(3) How much of the school’s operating expenses is paid out for all salaries, benefits and pensions? (Do not be surprised if they tell you 85%.  So when they say that they need to control expenses it is usually just the 15% they tackle.)

(4) If there is declining enrollment, how can they justify this spending level?

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  1. It is a tragedy for the seniors. Whether it is due to inflation, growth in government, or the allure of new schools to educate a dwindling population, the impact is still the same for those on fixed incomes.

  2. I truly believe some of the younger residents of Wickliffe do not really know the true impact of the bond issue and levy. Once if it passes will the true shock be felt. Sure the shine of the new school will dazzle till the tax bill comes in. A lot of the people for the bond issue think it will attract new family’s, just the opposite will happen. Fixed income will lose their houses to taxes and the new shopping for a home family’s when they see how much taxes have to be paid will pass wickliffe right by. We then will have more BLIGHT than we have now! .
    They could trim I bet 10 million of the top with no problem by scaling down the 500 seat auditorium which if I remember was 5.6 million alone. We do not need another community center either. Build just what’s absolutely needed and when this boondoggle fails cut and recalculate OR look into sending the kids to the NEW W/E system which there never was never given a good reason from the board not to do just that.
    A lot of people do not know the impact if one or both of the incomes disappears which can happen in a heartbeat. The old adage is don’t spend the rent money just in case , us seniors who have been wrung through the washer of life have experienced just these scenarios.

  3. If you believe it will increase the value of your home, and that is important to you, then you know how to vote. By the way, increasing your property values will increase the property taxes you will pay because of the inside millage. That will automatically happen without a vote by you. If that is not important to you, then you know how to vote. Good luck with your decision.

  4. I for one know that this will increase the value of your home. Who doesn’t want that?

  5. They cannot justify this bond issue other than its for the kids. Bullsnabble let the parents pay for the new schools they so desperately want and leave those of us who stand to go bankrupt trying to pay for the bond issue alone. You want a new school? Then cut out the feel good stuff like a 500 seat auditorium , make it smaller , cut out the community center and other not needed things. I have been told if the bond levy passes we would get 10.8 million dollars back, but no one knows how they are going to spend it CRICKETS from the school board.

    There is a man called Jim on the nextdoor neighborhood wickliffe that when asked is giving honest answers as best as he knows kudos to this gentleman. The absolute answers , those who this is going to hurt should have been answered by the school board. When I questioned a school board president on nextdoor about answers we should know CRICKETS she disappeared not to be heard from again there and in previous conversations with here she indicated me a troublemaker. I should have screenshots of those conversations.

    Wickliffe is monkey see monkey do after W/E built their new palaces the Wickliffe school board felt the imaginary charge run up their leg and came up with the 60 million dollar pie in the sky idea.
    Of course when we lose our houses we payed on for 30 yrs because of the taxes we can always go hang out at the school community center or the NEW 500 seat auditorium.

    Wickliffe only has 1400 or less total students , declining enrollment and when asked why we can’t join the W/E school system all you hear is bullsnabble as to why it won’t work, and that comes from those who want it NOT a peep from the Wickliffe board of education.

    VOTE NO on this and all levy’s if you value a roof over your head.
    The school system says to HELL with the fixed income and poor residents who cannot afford more taxes and I say TO HELL WITH THE SCHOOL BOARD and their feel good bond issues and levy’s as they NEVER considered the impact this would cause the fixed income seniors, other family’s and the poor. If any have any doubt check out question # 8 on the Wickliffe city schools website Q&A area.

  6. I can’t wait for this to pass. It’s about time to have new schools. These new schools will improve our community and increase our property values.

  7. Thank you Nancy for standing up, we need more wickliffe citizens to stand up. Hopefully it will fail and they will have to regroup and refine their bond issue to something everybody can live with, I doubt it though as they never took the fixed income poverty residents in mind.
    Their thoughts were indoctrinate the coddled kids and there parents to get it passed and the heck with anybody who cannot afford the new taxes. We just passed a decent fire/police levy and then wham now this. This if passed will ring the death bell for many fixed income/poor residents, BUT they don’t care according to #8 on there Q&A on the wickliffe city schools website. Damn the torpedos sink this bond issue wickliffe residents WE are tired of being bowed over by the schools !!! .

  8. Ask the school board and the residents who work with them the questions that need to be answered and all you hear is silence or generic canned bullsnabble. They have our best interests on there minds is the usual answer. Get there bond issue passed anyway they can and then they will put a big levy on the ballot a year or more away to support their new school, just like willoughby- Eastlake is doing. Thank god w/E residents are getting wise and revolting. I am hoping Wickliffe residents get wise before they vote on the bond issue.

  9. Ridiculous to ask citizens for more and more taxes .

  10. Thank goodness Wickliffe is getting new facilities.

  11. The bond issue will last 37 years! I will be 108 by then…lol!

  12. The bond issue is for 37 YEARS! I will be 108 by then…lol!

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