Community Activism…why is it important?

Here is an interesting article about how a citizen was treated in Huron by the mayor, their police department, and their Prosecutor’s office.  We salute her bravery to stand up for what is right, and let the politicians know their citizens deserve better.

The solution as noted in the article from Chandra law firm:
The Supreme Court has held: “Although prosecutorial discretion is broad, it is not unfettered. Selectivity in the enforcement of criminal laws is … subject to constitutional constraints. In particular, the decision to prosecute may not be deliberately based upon an unjustifiable standard such as race, religion, or other arbitrary classification, … including the exercise of protected statutory and constitutional rights.” Wayte v. United States, 470 U.S. 598, 608, 105 S. Ct. 1524, 1531, 84 L.Ed. 2d 547 (1985) 

Community activists, watchdog groups, and concerned citizens are all needed to keep government at all levels in check.  Politicians and bureaucrats must be held accountable to the citizens, and for their actions.

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